Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday--Septemeber 21, 2011

UMass is #11 in Keepers College football rankings.

Keepers prediction page has Boston College over UMass by 6.40.


Sports Memo looks at UMass-BC from a Vegas prospective.


With the crazyness of the conference realignement going on, you can just about find any rumor you want. This one says the Big East basketball schools want to hook up with the bigger name basketball schools of the A10 (inluding UMass)  and form a new conference.

The Boston Herald says the remaining Big East schools are sticking together.


Villanova applied to join the ACC and it took the conference about 30 seconds to turn them down.


The Richmond Times-Dispatch has some CAA football notes.

The CAA website has the weekly press release with details on all of this week's league games.


I ran the College Football predictor and Boston College won 91 of 100 simulated games by an average margin of victory of 12 points.



Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww

Was at game# 2 and watched it again last night. After seeing how tough the Rhody defense played Syracuse was not so sure we would do well.

Now after looking back have ocme away very impressed with the teams play from week 1- week 2.

Now On to playng BC.

Have been able to watch all 3 of their games and to be blunt right now this is not a typical BC team. What kind of team is BC usually. Well usually they are O-Line U and this group of OL at BC is for now at least not up to their usual standards. Seems that for years and years this team would have 1-2 pro prospects ready to go and another 1-2 soon to be ready.

This year - at least for now - it is not the case.

DL at BC is the same way. Usually this team has 1 DL who is a real goo one. BJ Raji or Ron Brace types w/ a few more who play well also then mix in some really hard working LB's like Herzlich and this defense is a tough one - usually.

Again - at least for now - not this year. BC has pretty much turned their 2 deep lineup upside down and now have something like 3 Sr's total on the 2 deep for either side of the ball. Some of this has to do w/ injuries and others for other reasons. BC has also had some players leave the team recently and this was not expected either.

Yes their LB Kuechly makes a lot of tackles and if Montel Harris comes back he is a very good RB that would have to be dealt with.

At the same time this game will be won on the OL n DL and it seems that we match up pretty well.

Cautious optimism for UMass this week.

Anonymous said...

Picucci will just run power and zone against bc for no gains all day. I'd be shocked if umass scores in the game. 21-0 bc.