Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday--September 18, 2011

Worcester Telegram image
Matty V says Jonathan Hernandez and Kirk Nelms led the Minutemen to a win over the Rams.

Matty V also has some news and notes from the game.

Nate Owen of MassLive has more plus a photo gallery.

Providence Journal says the Rams faded in the fourth quarter.

The Worcester Telegram says Jonathan Hernandez ran past the Rams.

The Boston Globe says UMass had the finishing touch.

The Boston Herald says UMass ran past the Rams.


The UMass strength-of-schedule continued to improve as Holy Cross beat Harvard. Ryan Taggart passed for 324 yards against the Crimson.


CCSU won over Wagner to run their record to 2-1.


A couple of UMass 2011 opponents are having ugly seasons.

Monmouth recorded a "historic" victory over Villanova.

And things went from bad to worse as Boston College lost to Duke. The Boston Globe says BC is feeling blue.


Thoughts about UMass' game last night.
  • FBS baby! UMass's jerseys had the players names on them for the first time since the seventies.
  • Kellen Pagel, who was starting his first game, had a rough first half and then seemed to get a handle on the game in the second.
  • Two of the long bombs that the Rams scored on were correctable. The first was a totally blown assignment on Rhody's initial TD. Then when the Rams scored their third touchdown the UMass DB had the coverage and then appeared to miss-time his leap in going for the interception. If you're defending in your own endzone go for the pass breakup first.
  • Jonathan Hernandez, right now, is playing as well as any running back we've had here.
  • The UMass defense held the Rams to 57 yards rushing.
  • The Minutemen kicking game was seriously not good as the Minutemen missed an extra point, Brandon Yelovich shanked a kickoff out-of-bounds, Jeff Strait averaged 28 yards/punt and the holder muffed a snap on a field goal attempt.
  • Antoine Tharpe would've helped in the UMass secondary.
  • The UMass band didn't have quite the snap it did before. The 1812 Overture without the cannons?

Mrs blog and I didn't get in from Hawaii/the West Coast until 9:30 Friday night and then didn't return from Amherst until 11:30 last night. We're pretty time-zoned out. I'll be back tomorrow with some images from the game.



Anonymous said...

I was at the game and noticed the in-stadium press box radio broadcast (on 102.7, which was announced before the kick-off)was not working. I always listen to this because the normal radio broadcast is delayed (at least one play behind the live action).

Any idea who is in charge of this, or who I could contact to see if it will be working at the next game? Or was I on the wrong channel?

UMass74 said...

That I don't know. Anyone?

UpInThe603 said...

Noticed the names on the jerseys. Most excellent. But what's with the blue stripe on the helmets?

Anonymous said...

Hernandez was impressive, no doubt. He's explosive and for his size, powerful. I agree with Frank in that he's as good as any TB we've had at UMass. I liked what I saw of Pagel; he runs well, has good presence in the pocket and vision on the field, and he did settle down. His mistakes, mainly clock menagement, which were maddening, are easily corrected, but he has all of the tools, skill, and intelligence to be a first-rate QB. The secondary gave up some plumb passes, but I would say that Probst is as good a QB as UMass will face this season, and given their youth and inexperience, they're bound to get better with each game. I thought that the LBs played well, particulary Perry and Tyler. It was an exciting game, and I like our chances against BC. It certainly will not be a cake-walk for BC, that's for sure.

Zach said...

So what does the blog think about 'Cuse and Pitt leaving the Big East? Do you think UMass and Temple get an invite to the Big East now? If so, do you think it is a smart move?

Who knows how this whole shuffling is going to effect UMass. I would think the Big East would want to add a school with a longer history in the FBS, but we do have a solid basketball history and we will now be playing football in a top class facility.

This should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Those uniforms and helmets looked horrible. And what do you think names have to do with FBS? They have #'s, no reason to have names too. None.

Can any team keep the same uniform from year-to-year?

izy1 said...

Way to go Minutemen!
Could not get to Amherst but it sure sounded good on WRNX.

UMass74 said...

According to Matty V, the Red, White and Blue is to commentate the 10 anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. If you listened on the radio, Julian Talley led the team on to the field carrying the American Flag.

I like the names on the jerseys, but that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Love to see BC relagated to page 7 of the Globe-when they win there usually on page 1
Can't wait for next Sat
Saw Al Skinner at last nites game
2 Delay of game penalties in the same series and burning your last timeout bc didn't have personnel on field-Ouch

Anonymous said...

liked the uniforms & how the team played

hope we can continue to improve with a win against BC for the first time in a long time

Anonymous said...

Pitt n Syracuse to the ACC UConn & Ruthers rumored to go as well.
Will TCU go to the Big East or will they now go Big 12?

What does this mean for UMass and goign to the MAC?