Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday--September 28, 2011

Jeff Thomas reviews the financial guarantees for next year and says SEC teams and Big Ten teams are interested in playing UMass in the future. has some details from the Michigan side.

The UMass website has the OOC schedule for 2012.

2012 UMass Football Non-Conference Schedule:

Aug. 30 at Connecticut
Sept. 15 at Michigan
Oct. 27 at Vanderbilt


New UMass President Robert Caret supports UMass athletics and UMass football. also has a report about Caret .

President Caret's wikipedia bio.


Corey Sipkin/ NY Daily News image
SILive has a feature on Victor Cruz' big day with the Giants.

More on the Giants reaction to Cruz and the win over the Eagles.


Keepers College Football Rankings has UMass at #23.

He has UMass over Old Dominion by 4.


James Madison's starting QB Justin Thorpe has been suspended indefinitely.



Anonymous said...

sit near the top row guy and if he has yaked on about one thing more than anything else it is Victor Cruz. He called it 2 yrs ago that he was the best receiver UMass has ever had and is a pro level player.

what he did not say anything about was what a great endzone dancer Victa is

Go UMass Go Victa

Anonymous said...

So UCONN, Vanderbilt, Indiana, and Michigan 3 out of the 4 away in there 50,000+ seated stadiums. I got to admit I am more then nervous about next season but still excited. What happened at B.C. was ugly to say the least, hopefully things can get changed around fast. I'm trying to stay optimistic here knowing that we stand no chance with 5 turnovers against any school.

Anonymous said...

2 years ago??? Cruz was a senior by then, that's not exactly "calling" it.

Plus best WR UMass has ever had and best pro WR prospect UMass has had are not necessarily the same thing. Frequently in cases like this it's not.

Anonymous said...

Every team is prone to a bad game every once in while. Hope it is an aberration.

MinuteFan said...

Agree about best college receiver and best pro prospect not being the same thing. Cruz was near the top in both. I've been watching UMass football since the 70's, and we had a great one back then in Steve Schubert, who played with the Bears and Patriots. Then until Whipple came along, there was a long period where we were clearly a run-first team. But for my money the most dangerous receiver I saw was Adrian Zullo. I think he was 5'5", 140 lbs. and the fastest player we ever had. But he was more than a track guy, he was all football player. In his prime, he was absolutely impossible to cover, and had great hands to boot.