Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tuesday--Sept 6, 2011

UMass rises to #21 in the latest TSN poll.


Matty V. looks at conference realignments if the Big 12 collapses.


The UMass Daily Collegian says no playoffs, no problem for Minutemen Football.


Having lost their opening game against Northwestern, the Las Vegas odds-makers have installed the BC Eagles as a 6 1/2 point underdogs to Central Florida.


The CAA website has recaps and video from all of Saturday's League games.

The CAA Players-of-the-week are also up.


FoxSports Ohio says the MAC looked good in week #1 of the season.



Anonymous said...

from up high in the Top Roww after week 1

As far as we go we are still a work in progress. Interesting views from the BC Blogger about the Cross game and what we may be able to do against BC.

Seemed to have a good grasp on how we did against the Cros and what we may be doing but seemed to wearing a pair of "BC Glasses" when commenting on how they did against NW'ern.

Never one to want a player to be injured but recognize they do happen. BC losing their 6'6 WR only helps us as their receivers are a lot more tradtionally sized after this one. Wish him well and hope his knee injury is not too bad.

Watched the BC NW game and came away cautiously optimistic. THE NW offense is a lot like UNH's and we play a different style of offense and defense so comparisions are not too relavent. At the same time it seemed it appeared that BC's front 7 had trouble w/ NW's big OL. Seems that this could be a good thing for us as our OL should be a strong point for us all year long. Seems obvious our passing game needs to improve and we would offer that throwing more to our TE's would benefit our QB's and our overall offensive performance.

Will be interesting to see how Rhody does this week.

Would offer to anyone interested at all in the 2012 schedule that if you get the chance to go to Anbn Arbor to see UMass play there to take it. Been to a lot of stadiums as a player and a fan and the Big House has to be one of the best places to be a part of a game. Last yrs game had 110,182 for the UMass game and these kinds of number are constants at the Big House.

Looking forward to seeing UMass play Rhody in a little under 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Let's not get too worked up here. We couldn't block a patriot league d line. I don't see how we even move the ball against bc. Montell harris will be playing against umass.

MinuteFan said...

Agree with the last anonymous poster. Let's make sure we beat Rhode Island first, which cost us a playoff spot last year. BC is a nice payday, any success on the field is gravy. I hate BC and bleed maroon and white, but let's be realistic. We haven't beat a D 1-A team in over 25 years. Let's hope that BC wins their next two so we may get them looking past us.