Saturday, September 24, 2011

Game Day--Boston College 2011

Matty V. Looks at Saturday's game and the history of UMass-BC.

Jeff Thomas says UMass goes to BC searching victory.

The Nashua Telegraph says Eagle players see the UMass game as a must win.

An SB Nation blog looks at the Minutemen-Eagles game. Relevant quote from the post: 

Kuechly has proven himself to be one of the best - if not the best - linebackers in the country, and stopping a back like Hernandez, who is good but is still an FCS-leve talent, should be relatively simple."

The Boston Herald says Montel Harris will be just what the doctor ordered for BC.

The Boston Globe says Harris will step in.

The Milford Daily News says reinforcements are on the way for BC.

CSN's "CAA Today" column is back in operation and it reviews the UMass-Rhode Island game last week and looks at today's game with Boston College.


Matty V interviews UMass AD John McCutcheon and found he was noncommittal about conference realignments.


Heather Dinich picks Boston College over UMass 14-13.


The CAA's Game Day page has all the details on today's league games.


Rutgers HC Greg Schiano says the MAC has closed the gap.

Penn State at Temple drew the third largest crowd in Owl history last week.

If I counted right, ESPN3 has seven games with MAC teams available today.



Anonymous said...

Happy trails kevin morris. That should do it. Umass has regressed so far from the last game at bc a few years ago. That team had nfl talent and was a top 25 squad. We played our butts off and competed with them for four quarters. This bc team is a pile of garbage other than kuchely. We got dominated unacceptable to lose the way we did. Time to bring in a division one head coach next year as we transition to the mac. Morris has had 3 years, sick of the excuses that would get u fired from any job in the country.

Anonymous said...

We haven't made any progress under morris. I didn't expect us to win but I did think we would be competitive. This was our shot to make a splash and create a buzz.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look good. No, not the anemic offense but the fact Tharpe, Lee and Saint-Vil all look like they could be out for a while.

Anonymous said...

Not a huge fan of the offensive gameplan. We are light years away from bc still. Bc could finish last in acc as well, they are not good.

Anonymous said...

They were off, for sure, and should have played much better, but I think the doomsdayers are overreacting.