Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday---September 29, 2011

Good news and bad news from Matty V. Mike Lee might be out for the season. Antoine Tharpe and Courtney Jackson should be back for the Old Dominion game. Ed Saint-Vil will miss that game, but should be back in another week or so.


Then there is some great news! Money for the renovations of McGuirk has been approved! The new field house, offices and training facilities will make a big impact on UMass' ability to recruit and complete at the FBS level.

It will also enable UMass to schedule one or two games a year on campus.

More on the $3.1 Billion capital improvement budget for UMass.


The UMass Daily Collegian has another article on the Minutemen's 2012 schedule.

The Collegian also looks at the Old Dominion game.


UMass Athletic Dept
This article features UMass Hall-of-Fame member Rene Ingoglia. If you didn't get a chance to see him play, you missed a special athlete. Ingoglia played during some lean years for UMass in terms of scholarships and support for UMass football. You have to wonder what kind of numbers he would have generated if he had played for Coach Whipple.

Ingoglia had 4,624 career rushing yards with 21 games over 100 yards. Eighteen times in his career he out-rushed the entire opposing team.


Rick Pitino says UConn moving to the ACC is "The dumbest thing he's ever heard".


Sean Shapiro has TSN's "In the FCS Huddle" column that previews week #5 and predicts a Old Dominion win over UMass.



Anonymous said...

from another one in the Top Roww

We are 2-1 and beat a very good Rhody team and stumbled too many times against BC

The sky is not falling and we have a good team that we can either support or not

UMass 24 Old Dominion 16

Anonymous said...

Frank , just wanted to let you know Kyle Havens has signed a contract to play for the Spokane Shock of the Arena Football League for the 2012 season . I still enjoy the blog on a daily basis , and will always remain a supporter of umass football . Thank you ,

Anonymous said...

If our secondary was weak and largely inexpereinced at the beginning of the season, now, with injuries and poor coaching, the sky's the limit for OCs.

DL has played well as have LBs, but nothing can make up for what I see as insurmountable holes in the secondary.

Anonymous said...
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Brooks Rownd said...

I remember one game I went to during the Ingoglia era where by the time I had walked back home ESPN was already showing highlight clips from Ingoglia's 400-something yards rushing. :D