Saturday, September 17, 2011

Recruiting 2012--Rodney Mills III

Jeff Thomas reports that Rodney Mills has re-verbaled to UMass after taking a year in prep school.

I've blogged about Mills before.

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Anonymous said...

hello from the top roww after the Rhody game

first about the Rhody game

Offensively a very good performance. Our qb makes decisions and throws the ball AND actually ran pretty well too. What an asset to the teams performance. Yes he had a couple of throws he forced but he seems like a good fit. OL great job. A few breakdowns when either a DL or the LB #23 got across our players face and was able to run down the play from behind but at the point of attack our run game was deadly efficient. Our TE's did another great job. All of our receivers seemed to have good days. As for the offense really not too much else to say.

Oh yes there is WHAT ABOUT JONATHAN HERNANDEZ????? He was outstanding ! ! ! ! The pats might have the law firm and Danny Woodhead but we have JHern and he has bee outstanding ! ! ! Keep feeding him the ball behind this group of OL and our offense will do well.

Noticed the freshman OL did not get in after starting against the Cross. Hope he is well since he [layed well in game 1.

Defense did an outstanding job against the Rhody run game. Yes we had a few sporadic breakdowns defending the pass but overall the DBs did well. Our pass rush waS pretty sweet as well. If we take out a few isoltated plays this game is not close.

Specials overall did better and will hope for continued improvement. One kickoff out of bounds, one squib at the end??????, one punt was short. Coverage on kicks seemed good.

After seeing Rhody play Syracuse pretty even and seeing how hard they played us last yr - thought this game might be very close and it really wasn't.

BC is scrambling all over the place. Their two deep lineup took some major shakes this past week and their big RB might be redshirting. Will make for some interesting talk thgis week.