Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday--September 25, 2011

Well, that wasn't fun. In our good showings against Kansas State and Michigan we played efficient offense. UMass didn't do that yesterday.

We needed to have our QB go something like 14-18 even if it wasn't for a lot of yardage and no turnovers. Pagel ended up 18-37 .486 AVE and two INT. The offense gave up 14 points on two fumbles.

That never allowed the UMass running game to get going.

The UMass defense played pretty good. We only gave up 31 points with the Eagles offense starting on the UMass side of the field four times. We forced five punts.

Jesse Julmiste had a record-setting day in kickoff returns. He had seven returns for 252 yards including a 102-yard TD. He made the BC kick coverage team look like they were running in mud all day. Julmiste broke Tim Berra's 1973 record of 200 yards at Maine. He also tied Dennis Dent's 102 yard return against Morgan State in 1978 and Noel Reebenacker's 102 yard run against Springfield in 1951.

Boston College got perfect bounces on the two fumbles. That's the way it is sometimes. The bad guys get the bounces. So make it a point read all the stories about the Eagles victory. We'll be back with 22 more scholarships and an experienced quarterback.


The Washington Post says UMass' poor start and two fumbles doomed the Minutemen.

The Globe said BC routs UMass.

The Boston Globe said the jump up is quite a hurtle.

The Herald says the Eagles were in a better state.

"BC Interruption" looks at the game.

Matty V. said turnovers plagued UMass.

He also has a story about Julmiste's record setting day as well as injuries to UMass DB's Mike Lee and Ed Saint-Vil.


Results on all the CAA games here.


In the MAC, Temple took apart Maryland and Ball State beat Army.



TopUMassFan said...

I'll start by saying I didn't see the game; I listened to the first half on the radio. Glad I missed the second half.

Everyone was calling this a "signature" game. it was more of a forgery. Decent return on opening kickoff, immediately followed up with an interception. BC constantly playing with short field. Down 17-0 before we knew it. A great return for a TD only to allow BC to march right down again.

After the URI game, I spoke with an angry WMass season ticket holder. He said he hoped UMass got blown out by BC. He got his wish. UMass hoped for a good showing to encourage EMass fans to "join the revolution". How many possible fans got turned off yesterday? I dont see how you can "lay an egg" with so much the line. I have to believe UNH is a must-win game now . I will continue to remain a season ticket holder because my blood is colored maroon but something needs to happen to get us better in a hurry or it is not going to be "the revolution"; it will be the "dark ages".

Somebody please tell me I'm wrong. Please!

Anonymous said...

Where to start......
As they say, you can take a Page out of this game or should we say they should have taken a Page-L out of this one. Deer in the headlights look all game. He was throwing pillows instead of footballs, no pep on the ball. But lets not put all the blame on one player.... When you loose a battle this bad you start with the general and his field commanders. Defensively, too many times the best players were on the side line including Holmes when they were needed on the field. At one point in the game BC was finally starting out deep in their zone and we watched them martch down to about the UMass 25 yard line before the first group was rushed in. Too little too late. One player on the D-line (you know who you are) needs to stop dancing on the line of scrimmage waiting for the tackle and get in and fight like the other two or three do down after down and if you do, continuous pressure will be put on the QB (it's not a true 7 man D-line, more like a 4 man)and the D-coordinator better realize this sooner than later. So many 3rd and long situations and UMass's biggest and best defenders were watching from the side line. You play to win every down rather than everyone playing downs!!!As for special teams... Great return, which was the highlight of the game. Other than that, too many players bumbing opponents and then watching them continue their pursuit. Offensively... Can not run if you can not pass, enough said. The look of defeat was on their faces too early in this game. A big lesson for all... But not the final one...

MinuteFan said...

Part 1 from MinuteFan:
Bad day at Chestnut Hill. And here come the inevitable "fire the coach" comments. Maybe Morris should not be kept on, maybe he should. But does everyone really think any coach we have ever had was going to win that game yesterday? Keep pining for Don Brown and Mark Whipple, conveniently forgetting that they never beat a 1-A team either. Or saying "Let's go out and get a 'real' D-1 coach" as if there is a Steve Spurrier in waiting just banging down the door to coach at UMass. The biggest problem I see with these comments is a totally unrealistic expectation as to what UMass football is right now, fueled by well-meaning supporters who have a hard time being objective about what they see. In the poll on this blog leading up to the BC game, more than half the respondents picked UMass to win outright! Really? This in fact IS a bad, sub-par BC team, as much because they are poorly coached (I'll take Morris over Coach Spaz any day). And it's also true that the 2007 UMass team that played so well against a very talented Matt Ryan led BC squad may have won yesterday's game. But that team at UMass had the best QB we ever had, and was coming off a National Championship game. Did people really think this team, which is being built for the next season that has any meaningful games in 2013, was anywhere close to that?

But yesterday's game was a very good measuring stick as to what lies ahead in the near future. Most years BC would be a top 1-3 team in the MAC. This BC team would be lucky to be middle of the pack in the MAC. In other words, they are pretty much the AVERAGE team we will play all 11 games against next year. UMass will be the underdog in all 11 games. Everyone is all excited to move up to FBS level, but are they really ready for next year's best-case scenario, which is probably 2-9, with 0-11 an actual possibility? We have not beat an FBS level team since 1984. Next year, we play 11 of them. This is going to take time, and unrealistic expectations and mass hysteria after a loss are not going to help.

MinuteFan said...

MinuteFan Part 2:
When UMass announced the move up, they knew the next two years are only there to build toward 2013 when we are actually eligible to compete for any kind of championship. They want to build a bigger fan base, so of course they are not going to say that. Its fair to say that you don't like the way things are heading and that what we are building will not get it done in two years. But angry because you thought we would beat BC yesterday? Then you haven't been paying attention. We were in very close games with Holy Cross and URI. BC may be awful this year, and I get immense pleasure out of watching them lose every week, but I watch pretty much every UMass game, so yesterday's result was no surprise to me.

What did I see yersterday and what get's me riled up about it? I think the O-line did a nice job against an ACC defensive front, and Hernandez showed why he is a great player. He clearly belonged on the field at that level and was the best player out there for either team. Pagel was overmatched, but what did we expect? He never played against a team with athletes with that size and speed before. He threw 2 picks, but it could have been five. The receivers were not open much of the time anyway. I was happy Morris stayed with him. If he is the guy, let him get some experience in a game we weren't going to win anyway. I disagree with the well-respected blog-meister on this count: I did not think the defense was "OK". The front seven and the run defense were excellent, as they have been every game. But this is the worst pass defense I have seen in the nearly 40 years I have been going to UMass games. Coaches like the guy at URI and coach Spaz at BC are foolish for running as often as they did. URI would have beat UMass if that guy had any clue. There are 3 flavors of pass coverage I see at UMass this year. 1) 3rd and 8, give a 12-yard cushion for a gimme 1st down, 2) Any time the QB moves in the pocket and the play lasts longer than 4 seconds, there is a blown coverage and a receiver WIDE open somewhere, and 3) We have coverage deep, but the DB NEVER turns around to make a play on the ball and loses the one-on-one battle every time. The DBs are all young, so there is hope, but they need way better coaching than it seems they are getting. A team with a good coach who attacks our weakness in the secondary will put up 40+ points every time. UNH may get 60+ (but we may still outscore them). And lastly, the kicking game is awful once again. I understand it may be difficult to get a blue-chip skill player to come to UMass right now, but we can't find a kid somewhere in America who can punt or placekick better than this?

Hang in there folks and enjoy the rest of the season. This is our last chance at teams where the playing field is somewhat level for a while. And if you want to fire the coach, fine. But give me a realistic name of the replacement first.


UMass74 said...

OK, this is start of the wailing that's going to continue next year.

We do not have a single FBS recruiting class yet.

The upgrade is a 3-5 year process.

UMass is highly likely to lose all our OOC games next year and and the majority of our MAC games.

It is fantasy that we are going to be competitive in our first year in FBS. so everyone has to turn off the hysterics for a couple of years.

I remember Whipple being asked about a move to FBS. He said quote "We'll take our lumps the first couple of years".

We are looking at sub .500 seasons for at least the next two years. No coach we could hire is going to do any better.

That's just the dues we are going to have to pay.

Coach Whipple and Coach Brown would have the same time line.

The goal will be:

Win at least one game in 2012

Win 3 to 4 in 2013

.500 or over in 2014

Be one of the top teams in the MAC in 2015.

UMass74 said...

I forgot to mention, in results I did not refer to, the MAC went 4-0 vs FCS teams this week.

We have some (maybe even quite a few), players who will be able to help us in the future. Since transfers will now have to sit out a year, we won't be able to do the Don Brown style quick fix.

Start following the recruiting news and stay positive. A true UMass fan does not hope UMass loses ---ever. A good recruiting class will jump start our move.

And when we beat BC it'll be even more sweet.

TopUMassFan said...

I like Minutefan's assessment of the game. As I said earlier, I didn't see it. I didn't expect us to win ( I voted in Frank's poll that it would be BC by 7) but didn't expect us to be blown out. I thought we struggled against HC and URI. I know we will lose more than we win for a few years and I will stay with the ship.

Maybe Morris was right to stay with Pagel as it shows he believes in the kid. I agree our DB's get burned easy but they are young; hopefully there is room for improvement. I think there is enough talent; we need to utilize it to the best of its ability.

With nothing to lose this year, let's try to build on each game from here on. No more frustration from me.

Anonymous said...

I get annoyed when people refer to UMass not being able to go the transfer route. That's true. Those players who used to transfer in will now be coming to UMass out of HS. Most of these transfers are kids UMass was recruiting but they decided to try FBS. Plus, the transfers are largely not the impact players, so who cares.

Anonymous said...

Hey MinuteFan, You have freedom of speech, but by reading your posts makes it very apparent that you have very little knowledge of the game of football and also are not a fan or supporter of Umass.

MinuteFan said...

Not true. I am a long time season ticket holder, have been driving out to Amherst from Boston or NH for decades. Have gone to all the championship games in Chatty, every New England road game, also travelled to Delaware, JMU, and W&M. And flew to Montana in 2006 by myself. I never played for UMass nor had a kid on the team. I'll stack my loyalty and football knowledge up with anyone. I call it as I see it. I'm just preaching patience...this is a long, tough road we have chosen. I like the blog-meisters outlook and time-line for the next 3 or 4 years. He gets it. I wish more did as well.

Anonymous said...

Yes its true that no coach will produce wins right away for Umass. I totally believe though that with a "decent" coach we would have been in the play-offs the last 2 years. There is absolutly no evidence out there that Morris is a good HC. Sure we played well at Mich but what happened after that. Other teams adjusted to what we did and we did nothing to counter that.