Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recruiting 2012---Witchie Exilhomme

Boston Herald/Christopher Evan image
This article says UMass is recruiting Witchie Exilhomme, a 6-2 215 pound LB/RB from Malden, MA.

This ESPN article mentions him.

Also being recruited by Syracuse, UConn and URI.


Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww

Well after 3 games it seems we have seen three different UMass teams.

Game 1 seemed more like a game scrimmage for UMass as, at times, they looked like a very good 1aa team and at other times like a team still trying to figure out what to do. But it was win so that was a good thing.

Game 2 against URI. HHHHmmm up in the Top Roww it was not so clear that we would do well or even get a W. Consider how well URI did against Syracuse in holding them to about 40 yds rushing and only losing 21-14. Before this game it seemed that UMass might not be able to get a W. Instead what happened?

UMass ran the ball well w/ the OL and TE's leading the way. Most - almost all of the time - our QB played well. Yes, he forced a few passes that turned into Int's but he also moved well in the pocket, ran for a TD (a UMass QB rarity) and seemed to be coming around pretty well. Our defense played well against a team that did well the week before and put up 35+ on us last year. Yes the DB's had some breakdowns. The special teams dd ok and will definitely have to improve.

Game 3 against BC. As soon as BC got to 17 I said to another row mate - watch this will bring out all of the doom n gloom from those who just never see the team or program in an optimistic light. Overall thought the team did ok/ pretty well. No team can turn the ball over 4x and expect a win (PS just look at the Pat's vs the Bills for an example). Turnovers will absolutely do a team in. To have 2 to's brought back is just death to a teams performance. Realistically after watching the game again would offer the final should have been BC 31-17 or 34-24.

Yes BC won this game but a lot of positives can be taken from this game as well. Could go on about each part of the team but this just gets boring.

Would refer to those who come on to bash and ask them simply are you on board or getting ready to jump on to some other bandwagon?

Been a season ticket holder for more than a couple of years. Went to the Michigan game last year and it was great. How many to's did we have in that game. Pretty sure it was 2 and we got some to's from them as well.

Old Dominion might be a new team but had a chance to watch their last game against Delaware and this is a pretty good team. Will be playing them at their place and they sell out just about every game. Will not be easy to play them there. Injuries happen time for others to step up. That is why these players chose to come to UMass.

UMass 29 ODU 20

Anonymous said...

I personally loathe the term "step up." In the context used by the previous poster, it somehow implies that players, who are not first on the depth chart, have been slacking (for lack of a better term) and now is their time to perform at a level equivalent or better to that of a first string player. This is simply not the case.

Anonymous said...

From the top row, you are on point about many of your thoughts and in my oponion you are way off base.

Game 1 was aganist a school that dont even offer scholarships and they had a much better qb than what we have which led me to believe we did not recruit properly. Secondly how can B.Hill win the job coming out of summer camp and lose it in less than one quarter of play at Holy Cross?

Our qb played well... you are joking right! I understand they are young but the truth is our qbs made many horrible reads and throws in ALL three games. We will not win in the MAC unless we get much better at that position. I believe they will get better along with our other qbs but as of now our group of qbs have a long way to go.

Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww

To the poster who dilikes the term "step up". The term has been used for quite a while and is not meant to be a criticism to any player. When a player who has been starting is not available for any reason another player has to come in and do the job as best he can. If he does well he can keep on going if not then he probably gets replaced. Really that simple. So for example if one (or now apparently more than one ) of our DB's is not in the lineup then another player steps up and plays the position. Personally it seems we have a lot of good to very good players who need to "step up" when the competition is going to be at a higher level. Sometimes the team does this pretty well and other times it does not. Everyone who is a part of the team has a responsibility to "step up".

As for the poster commenting on my comments and how we played against the Cross and our QB's. First will address the QB situation. As diplomatically as possible since we really dislike criticizing our own players on a blog will just offer that it seemed as if the QB who started game# 1 was a bit off. First game jitters, college game under the lights, on national tv and add it all together and unfortunately the performance was probably not like he would have wished and certainly not like what the staff wanted either. Went to only 1 preseason practice and the one seen seemed to show both of our primary QB's as most of the time playing well and then each had breakdowns. Our QB who played later in game 1 and then through all of game 2 n 3 seemed more in control in game 1. Except for a couple of throws (3 tops) in game 2 we thought he threw the ball well, managed the team well and RAN effectively (which for a UMass QB is a big plus).

Will say it again. URI played very, very well against Syracuse. They flat out punched us around last season and we did not see us having as good a game as we did in game 2. We ran the ball very well on a very good defense. We threw the ball well. Yes a couple (as in the 2 int's) were bad but otherwise the QB did a good job.

Defensively the front seven played very well and kept constant pressure on their QB. He is maybe the best overall QB the team will face this yr. The QB from Richmond is more pro style and not as big a run threat.


Anonymous said...

cont'd from last post from up high in the Top Roww

re-read the post about stepping up and for those who are still developing it is not meant at all that any player is slacking. When any player comes to a college program the biggest comment they all make on the difference in play is how fast eveyone goes along with how quick and strong every player is.

For those still developing it sometimes takes a while to get where they can compete in a full game. Many who are playing this year had to go through this developmental process. Every year this is the case. For example from this years team look at J Hernandez. He was a all everything back out of HS but was probably around 5'8-5'9 and about 165-170. His first year he is on scout team and does not play 1 game down. His second year he is on the Kickoff coverage team and we are pretty sure he had no offensive carries. the next year he splits time at RB, last year he did pretty nicely and this year he seems to be on course to maybe be the best backs in the conference. Tyler Holmes went through a lot of the same thing and this been happening here for years n years.

Every year this sort of thing happens.

This is major college football and anyone who thinks anyone can just jump in and play at this level is incorrect. Shoot look at JMU. Their QB is out for a while. What do they do now? The next QB had better step up or this team's offense is going to have a tough time.

Look at the rest of the schedule. Every game is a winnable game. Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

cont'd some more from the Top Roww

Good teams need to have players that show up and do whatever is asked of them. Last year it was Scott Duggan at FB, sometimes LB and always on Special Teams. A couple of years ago it was Chivers coming back for a 5th year and grabbing a starting OL spo when very few thought he would be contributing. Every year this sort of thing happens.

As fans of the program We have got to keep the faith.

We keep our glass 1/2 full in the Top Roww and hope you will try this view as well.

Looking forward to UMass coming back this week and getting a W by any means possible and going to 3-1.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with the last commentor, how does Hill win a job over a period of 5 months and lose it within less then a quarter, without throwing any interceptions and putting a scoring drive down there? EXPLAIN THAT COACHES!

Anonymous said...

So you don't think they'll win in the MAC, but also think the QBs will get better. You do know that UMass isn't playing in the MAC this year, who cares if they couldn't win in it this year.

Anonymous said...

QB played well, TOP ROWW? You must be drinking the Kevin Morris Kool Aid, because he apparently thinks the same thing after hearing his press conference. In my opinion adjustments need to be made ASAP!

Anonymous said...

The QB played well? I couldn't disgree more. Watch the games the only way we win games is because Hernandez is a stud and carries the offense. As soon as BC shut down the run the offense couldnt move. The passing game didn't do anything, but cause more harm then good with 2 ints. and the fumble. Hill got no shot like Pagel to prove himself. Supposably it was a competition between the 2 QBs, but how can it be a competition when your QB throws 2 ints. in the first half of the last 2 games. Gives your team no confidence or a better chance of winning. Pagel looked good in the 4th quarter because the 2nd string was in the game for BC and the game was over.