Friday, August 05, 2011

Friday--August 5, 2011

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Thanks to the blog reader who sent me a link about Brandon Collier being picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jeff Thomas also has an article on Collier's signing.

Matty V says he has a source that claims the Jets will not re-sign James Ihedigbo.


Jimmy Reid considers William & Mary's Jimmye Laycock an offensive genius.


TSN has a couple of stories: FCS is considering five years of eligibility and the FCS  there is a distinct possibility or more expansion in the FCS playoffs.


My copy of Phil Steele's FCS magazine arrived yesterday. Steele rates recruits by his "power strength", which is a compilation of 11 recruiting services plus his imput.

I know recruit rankings are dubious on the individual level. But they do work in a macro sense. I'll take the average BCS school's recruits and you take the average Patriot league recruiting class ------or a non-BCS FBS school for that matter. Then match them up four years later.

In Steele's rankings, you can really see the downgrade that Rhode Island is going through as they drop to forty scholarships in the NEC.

For example Steel ranks Villanova's 18 recruits and the Ram's 12. I've blogged before that when it comes to recruits more is better.

The average power strength of Villanova's recruits was 399 (lower is better) and Rhode Island's average was 1334. The four Rhode Island players signed by the Rams had an average ranking of 1611. It is unlikely that a CAA team would have recruited any of those four.

Four years from now, Villanova will be gunning for a national championship (should they stay in FCS). And the Rams, if they win the NEC that year will be a decided underdog in the first round, should they draw a CAA team.

UMass did pretty good in Phil's recruiting rankings and I'll have more on that in future blog posts.


Saw an unusual sports occurrence last night while watching the Red Sox. Cleveland pitcher Justin Masterson struck out four Red Sox players in the same inning. One Red Sox player  reached first base when the catcher let the strike out pitch get by him. Don't know if I've ever seen four strikeouts in one inning before.



Anonymous said...

back up in the Top Roww Sec 16. Looking forward to another season of UMass football and to the jump up to D1 (and hopefully sooner than later into the BIG EAST).

Been watching all of the posts made since THE ANNOUNCEMENT and some sound interesting while others are head scratching. For those that come on and slam the teamn or the program - head scratch's to you. Either you are just some naysayer who gets has to gripe and get your panties in a bunch or you are some blog-troll who somehow gets your rox off posting this junk. Either way not too much credit goes your way. Some other head scratching goes to those that do post on here and are supporters of the team and are making guess's at how we will do in 2012 I would offer you this.

IT IS 2011.

THE 2011 schedule is set. 2012 is a long, long way away. Let's stick with the here and now and we can talk about/ worry/ chat about/ offer guesses about 2012 in when . . . . oh say JANUARY 2012 ! ! !

Seems to make sense to me but hey the glass is half up in the Top Roww Sec 16.

So for those of us on the sunny side we would offer some beginning of 2011 offerings and then just a couple of offerings for 2012.

2011 very, very lightly penciled in results for this yr.

@HC UMass wins
Rhody UMass wins (but it'll be closer than we'd like)
@BC Gosh I really can't stand way too many of their grad's yuppie wannabee's but they do have a good team and run the ball well usually. If we do not have a very stout, tough front 7 on defense we lose that simple. If we are tough up front on D we still might not win since this is a very good D1 bowl team. Guess for now is we come up a little short. Holy cow that is tough to say when playing the BC Beagles.
@ODU UMass wins. Welcome to the CAA and good bye.
Central CT - UMass wins but in a close one.

So we should 4-1 after the first 5 but then the schedule goes pretty tough for a while. Gee sound familiar.

@ Delaware there home fans are annoying as hell but hey you win as much as the have, have nothing else to cheer on in the whole state except to be pseudo philly fans (ee gads batman perish the thought) and it happens. Blue Hens by less than 6.

Anonymous said...

cont'd from earlier

Sorry 4-2 after the first 6 games. Hey if you get a Legal Studies degree you can't be expected use all of this higher math stuff.

UNH @ Gillete. Last yr we got whacked around and UNH came to play and the ball bounced the 'Cats way and we did not make enough plays. This yr up in the Top Roww we think this'll change. UMass wins but it could be an OT game. Really hope we conti nue to play the Cats going forward. Good rivalry and playing at Gillete has all the makings of continuing to grow as a rivalry game.
@Richmond - YUK playing the Spiders brings nothing but bad memories. Team comes up here last yr basically w/ 1 QB left on their roster and we just flat out blew it. This team seems to always play well against UMass for a while. If QB Corp is back we think they'll find a way to win.
Villanova gee look at that for the 3rd week in a row we play one of the top 1AA programs around. Thankfully much of what made this team great the last few yrs is either playing pro baseball or pro football now. UMass wins.
@Maine scary trap game if their ever was one. Maine should be back this yr after THolmes put on a defensive show in the game last yr. Not sure why we are saying this but UMaine wins.
JimmyMad in the last home game of the season and last 1AA game. We flat out spanked and slapped the Jimmies last yr. Mickey Mathews will have them back to their usual standards. This game will not be pretty and will likely be a good one to watch. Toss up but we will go w/ UMass winning at the end.

So if we add this up right for 2011we go 7-4. Defensivly we should be ok to pretty good. As for defense the results will all depend on how are front 7 do. Really that simple.
Offensively we will do very well running the ball as we have basically the whole OLine back, good backups on the OLine and have a couple of very, very good TE's to work w/. Our RB's should do very well. That brings us to QB and receivers. Talley will lead the receivers and should do very well. The others now have to step out of the shadows and make plays. The receiving corp looks good but now it is time to put up. Now for the QB position. Word is the youngster from NJ might not be fully healed over his foot injury. Hope it is not so but the transfer could be just fine. W/ a OLine like this and a very good bunch of RB's and TE's we should not have to throw a lot of the time. Build the QB's confidence and as we lover to say up in the Top Roww


We did this last yr again billnmary and look at the results. Did the same against Michigan and look at the results. Then we get fancy throwing from here to forever and look at the results. Havens and Tony Nelson did a very good job but we did not need to play this way.


Anonymous said...


That leaves us w/ last seasons biggest sore spot to comment on.

Special Teams. If we cannot kick the ball well, or snap the ball very well or return kicks (ok we did that well), BLOCK KICKS sometimes - - - - this'll continue to haunt us and games will again be either way too close or we will lose out because we cannot kickoff between the lines or snap over our punters head or do some other silly thing.


As for 2012 and beyond - we will be making the trip to Gillete to support the team and watch them both here and away. In the past 5 or so yrs the team has done well playing D1 teams. Only at Texas Tech did we seem really overmatched.

As for the MAC games we should be fine and will NOT go winless in our first D1 season.

ALL OF THE MAC TEAMS ARE NOT THAT GOOD AND WE WILL WIN MORE THAN 3 games in 2012. Now the OOC games we will have to wait n see since as best I know we have only 2 right now(@ UConn and Indiana @ Gillete) and it is likely we will have at least 1 or 2 more games to play. Thought the whole idea was to use the OOC to get a lot of support for all sports at UMass. Not a Math grad but last yr pretty sure we rec'd about 400,000 to play at Michigan. The next week Bowling Green came in to the same place and received 800,000 to play the same team in the same place. We had no other away games in 2010 that produced this kind of income for the team or UMass. Would seem simple to figure out that when reviewing all of 2010 MAC schedules it seems they all use OOC games to finance all of their sports and that is what UMass is doing as well. 800,000 x 4 = $3.2 million makes for some good coin to divide up for the athletic teams. Not a huge fan of this approach but that is what has been decided on so we are going with it. This is a lot better approach than what other schools have done (hello Rhody, Northeastern and Hofstra you bunch of lil' sallies).

So for now up in the top roww we say have a good weekend and we will be back on again soon.

Anonymous said...

why do i have a gut feeling that james ihedigbo will be wearing a new england patriots uniform ?...

Anonymous said...

Yes " top row" the results from umass passing were that they lead the league in passing, great insight. Look what happened.

Anonymous said...

ihedebo has no chance to make the pats roster. They have too many d backs as it is and he can't cover as a safety. He is a special teams player, pats don't sign guys for special teams.

Anonymous said...

if ihedigbo can help the team he will be signed. The Patriots have had guys in the past that only did special teams like Larry Izzo.