Saturday, August 06, 2011

Saturday--August 6, 2011

Jeff Thomas has a story from UMass' first day of practice.

Caleb Violette/Dan Sheeran holding

The big news from the first day was Caleb Violette has a broken foot that will likely need surgery. He is out for the year.

Violette handled all the punting and field goals last year.

Replacing him could be Brendon Leavengood, who handled kickoffs last year.

RS Sophomore Jeff Strait is listed as a punter.

UMass added two kickers to the squad this year: FR Andrew Ortiz and Rice transfer Brandon Yelovich.


Matty V. has story from training camp. He reports DT Charles Thompson is healthy and hopes to make an impact this year.

He also report that former UMass point guard Gary Correia has joined the football team as a DB.


The UMass website has "Training Camp Central" with interviews and video.


The BC blog "BC Interruption" talks about the ACC possibly adopting a nine game conference schedule and mentions possible additions to the Big East including UMass.


The Norwich Bulletin has an article on UConn wanting to attract in-state talent and mentions UMass' 2012 date with the Huskies.



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