Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 UMass recruiting review I

"Quantity has a quality all its own"-----Joseph Stalin

When looking at a recruiting class there are a number of things to consider. One of those things is the number of recruits.

Consider Northeastern. I looked at the CAA press guides over the last couple of years. The Huskies signed 9 players in 2007 and 11 in 2008. Do the math yourself and figure how many scholarships Northeastern was giving.

Rhode Island had half a stadium and was offering about 58 scholarships for a number of years.

The plain fact is fans come to see you win, not compete. If you want to win and compete with the big-buck outfits like Delaware and JMU, you have to give the coaches the resources needed to do the job.

The Huskies are gone forever and the Rams are headed for the NEC. One of reasons that happened was decisions made years ago on scholarships.

The CAA recruiting classes for 2011 are here. Note that Delaware, JMU and William & Mary signed 15. Richmond signed 17 and Villanova 18. Rhode Island, on its way to the NEC, signed 12.

UMass recruiting over the last four years (note that I am basing this on the signing day press releases. UMass has added some late recruits each year, but I'm not going to try to figure out late additions for each year).
  • 2008 16 recruits
  • 2009 19 recruits 
  • 2010 17 recruits
  • 2011 25 recruits.
The "ideal" FCS class is 17 recruits because FCS teams can give 63 scholarships spread over a maximum of 85 players.

One of the reasons for the big 2011 class could be the losses in the 2008 class. That class brought in Tyler Holmes, Staphane Milhim, Quinton Sales, Charles Thompson and D.J. Adeoba among others. However, Korry Davis, Corey Eason, Terrance Farris, Kurt Filler (Farris and Fuller were JUCO Juniors), Raymond Jones, Gilbert Parson and Warren Wilson are no longer with the program.

To me, with this class, it looks like UMass will continue to compete and win.


Anonymous said...

Good insights, Frank. Thanks for the stats. The attrition from '08 didn't seem to hurt as much as one would think. Hopefully we won't lose any of the recruits that matriculate.

Anonymous said...

Word is Coach Dud is off to Maryland for the LB job there

Anonymous said...

He's still with umass right now so that word is likely wrong. also that's a lateral move for him and he has family here that he likely wouldn't want to move