Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tuesday--August 9, 2011

Video from Sunday training camp.

Coach Morris recaps.

Perry McIntyre interview.

Antoine Tharpe interview.

From Monday:

Jamar Smith and Edward Saint-Vil won the blue jerseys.


Matty V has two articles: 2011 is a transition year for key positions at UMass.

Kellen Pagel and Brandon Hill are the front runners in the battle for starting QB.


Boston College blog "BC Interruption" runs the first of a couple of essays on UMass' move to FBS.


The Bleacher Report says you should add Victor Cruz to your fantasy football team.


CAA News.

Depth will be the key for UNH.


CSI Manchester

It was like a totally amazing coincidence.

Police said Sarah Lafungula, 20, of Manchester was driving along Mammoth Road shortly before 11 p.m. Sunday when she struck her ex-fiancé with her car.


Anonymous said...

I think we should give EJ Barthel a mention in the blog. Because he is a former player and doing great with his own business training athletes.

Anonymous said...

Hello from the Top Roww sec 16.

Well three posts generate one response. HHHHmmmmm.

Real simple to the oh so anonymous poster. Very, very few teams win by being a pass the ball a lot of the time kind of team. Would really rather have the team's offense be #3-4 in the conference in running and passing and see how we stand up nationally.

Also, work w/ me on this one, passing the ball and knocking off 20-30 seconds off of the clock when your defense is young is NOT GOOD TEAM MANAGEMENT ! ! !

The team needs to understand how to manage the game. Passing the ball stops the clock a lot of the time. Hey if the team is scoring then that is fine but this is not always going to take place. Look at last yrs UNH game. Havens threw the ball all over the place - - - from our goaline to their 20 but how many points did we get?????? Also, when the defense is sitting back looking for the pass and they get an INT in our own red zone it puts the defense in a pretty tough situation.

Not sure exactly on how many yards we passed for against UNH but I thought it was something like 430 but we scored what 16-18 pts?

On top of that we punted, kicked FG's and kicked for way too much of last yr pretty poorly.

No team can expect their defense to play "well" when this is happening.

To all of you "anonymous posters" up in the Top Roww we would ask two things of you. First when posting give some idea where you are coming from. Are you a season tix holder, former player, goes to select games or are you just some sort of blog troll who has "fun" posting this b/s. The other thing we would ask posters to do is look at our OLine and TE's and offer any sort of reasonable explanation as to why we should not be a run dominant team this year.

We have some very good RB's and - in the opinion of those in the Top Roww- an outstanding group of OL and TE's. Take advantage of them all and RUN THE BALL. Up high on the sunny side we think - that as long as those carrying the ball hold onto it- we will be doing just fine as long as we run more than we pass. We would offer that this year we should 55-60% of the time.

Looking forward to hearing some constructive opinions from those who follow the team.

Also why are no freshman listed on the roster yet? Time to settle this now and finalize the whole roster.

Anonymous said...

Here is an amazing article on Brandon Collier. Give this kid credit he never gave up. If he make the roster or not he beat the odds.


UMass74 said...

If anyone has a link to Barthel's business, I'd do a post on it in the blog. I did a Google search and did not find it.

The link in the comment above this one is a comment in a Phylly blog thread, not an article, but here it is.

link to comment above

Anonymous said...

From UMass Fanatic

Jesse Hunt is transferring to Stonehill College and as a UMass fan I'd like to wish him the best of luck.

In reply to the top row I agree we should be running the ball much more than passing. Our line is one of the best in 1AA this year and Blanch and Emil are top tier TE's. However if we do not scare teams with the deep ball threat whatsoever, our run game will be non existent. We have good (not great) wide receivers and with solid quarterback play we can be a top team in the CAA this year.

On defense we should not be referring to our team as young anymore. Even if some starters are sophomores, they all played last year. Our corners should be much improved with a year of experience and maturity under their belt. The Dline should also be better since it looks like Byrne is back from some missed games last year. Lastly if anyone thinks Tyler Holmes will allow a sub par defense this year they must be crazy.

I think Umass will be somewhere between 2-4 losses this year with a chance for the conference title if the ball bounces our way a couple times.

Anonymous said...

pretty simple, "Top Row"...your an arm chair quarterback...let others coach and play. Us fans should sit back and enjoy. Your on and on and onand on....and on rants and observations are very boring, and you might think you sound football saavy, but you really dont. Your high school playing days are over, let the kids play without your "two cents".

Anonymous said...

Hello again from the Top Roww

To the blog troll about my two cents - - - well I'd offer this in reply to your oh so anonymous comments. Yup played HS and did pretty well. Played in college well enough to try out for the Steelers. Did not make the team. Not the end of the world - it happens. Moved on to coach at the HS and Prep school levels and then decided to move on to have a family. Have been a season tix holder for a while now after going to 2-4 games a yr for years before that. We now usually go to most or all of the home games and to the bigger away games.

Last year we went to the Michigan game. It was a great experience and we hope we can go back again to support the team. We also caught the UMass lady soccer game the night before and that was a good time as well. Does that make us something special or an "armchair QB"? Do not think so - would seem to make us fans who put our time and money and support with this team.

Not an "expert" but would seem to have some experiences that would allow for some opinions to be shared.

Really enjoy sitting back and enjoying the team every week. Would just offer on this forum that it appears some other ways of managing the team might work better. Just one persons opinion that is all. You can take it or you can leave or in your case you can sit and be very "anonymous". That seems to suit you - too bad. Do not know of much of anyone who thinks being this way would be good for them except for maybe possibly some graffiti "artist". Pretty lousy way to carry on but that is your choice.

As for Jesse Hunt transferring up in the Top Roww we hope it works out well for him. For those that may remember after the spring game a few yrs ago we offered that J Hunt might be a good option for us. Did not work out but we still remember him from his HS days and wish him well.

Those in the Top Roww are looking forward to the Holy Cross game in a few weeks and find it appropriate to start amp'ing up the passion for this years team and we hope for the best. Looking forward to seeing as many UMass fans as possible to this game.

To UMASS FANATIC thanks for your post. After reconsidering our earlier statements we think you are correct in that refering to our D as young is not appropriate.

Anonymous said...

"top row" seems very sensitive with the name calling...and a little looong winded with explanations. Last time I checked, 466 rushing attempts and 344 passing attempts is what percentage again?

"we will be doing just fine as long as we run more than we pass. We would offer that this year we should 55-60% of the time."

That was your quote, I back mine with statistics...have a nice day. Go Umass! I am sure it will be a 4 or 5 message blog now...here we go

UMass74 said...

Everybody play nice. I like reading any comment by someone who takes the time to explain their opinions.

I consider those a big improvement over the pissy one liners I get all the time.

Anonymous said...

well up in the Top Roww it would seem we spoke a little out of turn.
Most of the time experience has shown numbers do not lie but - they can be made to appear "differently" sometimes.

At the same time the 2010 season stats are what they are and it would appear that when offering an opinion we were a little of course - maybe even a lot off course. Would mention that any time we started a pass play and then ran it is then listed as a run. If we get sacked same way. Will preface this by saying we have not checked the number of runs made by any of the 2010 QB's or others or the sacks and really not sure if that would have made a noticeable difference in these numbers.

Not too proud to say we may have made a mistake. Just seemed to us that we should run more than we do but again these numbers do not "lie".