Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday--August 12, 2011

As I mentioned yesterday the 2011 roster is up.

Deletions from the Spring roster

Additions to the Minutemen in 2011(including freshmen already on the Spring Roster as they now have offical numbers). According to articles 40% of the team is new from 2010. There are 100 players on the 2011 roster. There were 91 in 2010.
I miss anyone?


Watched Chris Koepplin kick off for the Pats last night. He hit one out of bounds, but boomed the remainder of his kicks deep into the endzone. mentions Koepplin in their writeup of the game. Gostkowski looked good on his field goals, so Koepplin has to hope his film impresses some other team, or the Pats sign him to their practice roster as insurance.


Matty V. has an article on Emil Igwenagu's frustrating 2010 season. With UMass' receiving corps depleted this year, hopefully they will throw to Igwenagu and Rob Blanchflower early and often.


Things went bad for 2012's OOC opponent Indiana Coach Kevin Wilson during a radio interview.


USA Today has an article on Delaware's Andrew Pierce including an image of him running at the UMass defense.


Anonymous said...

The only one you missed was Malcom Speller OL brother of Nick Speller.
Didn't an anonymous blogger repeatedly tell us Nick Speller was gone. So much for that!

UMass74 said...


Anonymous said...

I was wondering what everyone's opinion of Texas A&Ms possible move to the SEC and the effects that it could have on Umass if the "super conference" idea becomes reality?


Does anyone have a perspective on the recruits who are not on the roster? Is this a good/bad thing? It competition so tough they gave up or were there other reason.

UMass74 said...

The usual cause of recruits for any team not appearing on the roster is that they did not make it past the Admissions Office.

Not to say that was the case with those two. I would not publish anything even if I knew unless the Athletic Dept released it.

Anonymous said...

Trey Seals DL 2011 Prep School transfer.