Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday--August 14, 2011

The Worcester Telegram has a story about the Pats Stephen Gostkowski and mentions Chris Koepplin.


Victor Cruz had a nice play on special teams in the Giants loss to the Panthers. says Cruz is ready to shine with Steve Smith gone.


The South Bend Tribune takes a look at MAC football.


Someone set up one of those football simulations for FCS. I ran UMass' 2011 season and it predicted 5-6.


The BC Blog "BC Interruption" has the third in its series about UMass' move to FBS, this time "UMass' Northeast Recruiting Potential"

Staying in the BC theme for a moment, "Eagle in Atlanta" hates the new version of Boston College's helmet.



TopUMassFan said...

I sick of BC putting UMass and the MAC down, referring to us as MACrificial lambs. What has BC accomplished? No National Championships in football, no BCS bowls. BTW, I think their new helmets look just "spiffy"!

Anonymous said...

BC bloggers article was interesting quantatative physics mumbo jumbo..It must have been the flux capacitator!!...Flat out, more instate Mass kids that went to 1-A schools in the past are going to stay at home and go to UMass. Playing at Gillete and playing teams from the SEC and Big 10 at home and a steady dose of MAC games with a chance to play as early as a redshirt freshman?..What more could you ask for?

Anonymous said...

if we go 5-6 a lot of changes will be made here after the season.

Anonymous said...

That's what BC does put other schools down to make them look better. They haven't done anything but under acheive and play in the diamond walnut toilet bowl every year. They have the worst fan base in the nation for athletics. The alumni is even worse and they made a terrible hire in spaziani.