Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday---August 23, 2011

Uh Oh! This doesn't sound good: UMass QB still undecided. Hope we're not repeating 2009.


The Worcester Telegram features Chis Koepplin's time with the Patriots.

Koepplin also gets a mention in this article about Gostkowski.


Matty Vautour solves the mystery as to UMass' receiving zero votes in the FCS Coach's Poll.


Jeff Thomas has a story about UMass' special teams. Hopefully, the Minutemen special teams will be more consistent this year. I don't have my notes with me on vacation, but I think we had something like six kickoffs out-of-bounds last year. In 2009 with Armando Cuko, we had zero.


Watched Victor Cruz play for the Giants last night. He had three catches for 40 yards and a special teams tackle. He also got chewed out for screwing up a route.

Another mention of Cruz in this article.


Gavin Smith/Detriot Lions image
Greg Niland is  preparing to face the Patriots.



Anonymous said...

This is the one year I don't really mind if the QB battle goes into the regular season. Since there is really nothing to gain from this season except experience might as well let the battle go all season. I think it would be beneficial to let everyone get sometime in real game situations so they are all ready when we enter the MAC.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to gain? If they don't win this year the ad will clean house with the coaching staff. They are trying to go undefeated and see this season as their job on the line. I'd expect this team to play very hard this season.

Anonymous said...

"They say if you have more than one quarterback you have none. That's a cliche that has merit." -Kevin Morris
1st commenter I figured I would point this out and post it for you to read again.

Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww

My my my

Sometimes the postings here make me sit n wonder if someone has a closed head injury or is maybe the by product of todays "let everyone play/ everyone is a winner" syndrome".

Newsflash to - - - - - well I would reference who wrote this silly comment but it was posted by "anonymous" again. Ol' anonymous really gets around on this blog.

" I think it would be beneficial to let everyone get sometime in real game situations so they are all ready when we enter the MAC."


Are you kidding? Please say this is a joke.

The team is 7 days away from game# 1 and you also comment about nothing to gain?

Well lets see who is on the schedule. We play in the best 1AA conference in the country and pretty much every team on the schedule could hang an L on us if we do not play well. We play BC they have been a BCS bowl team for about 10 yrs running. Oh and their fans are so much fun to be around.

What is your suggestion - use all of these games as some sort of scrimmage before we step up to D1 and then we start by playing UConn, Indiana n Vanderbilt. You are correct if we play "everyone" we will be just fine against these kinds of teams? !? ?! ?!

Yup your right play all of the freshman and anyone else who wants to put on a uniform.

Have to wonder wear some of these "posters" are coming from. Just wish some others besides that "anonymous" guy would comment.

For now we wish that our coaching staff would decide on a QB for game# 1. If it has been decided and the decision is being held - ok then. If not really have wonder.

Anonymous said...

I hope that special teams don't cost UMass any games this year. Watching last season progress the kicking game got worst and worst. There will not be any kickers/ punters step on that field like we had in previous years such as: David Sanger, CJ Koegel, Brett Arnold, Chris Koepplin, Armando Cuko and Doug White, but at least we should expect them to kick like they are worthy of belonging in a UMass Minutemen uniform!