Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday--August 21, 2011

More James Ihedigbo-joining-the-Patriots stuff:

Two from Herald Ihedigbo digs being home and Ihedigbo defines special.

He will  be wearing #43 for the Pats.


The UMass website has the latest blue shirts video. Two true freshman Jarvis Bently and Elgin Long, plus Julian Talley.


Former UMass assistant coach,  John Zamberlin has been hired by Weber State.


Pitt transfer Chris Burns gets a mention in this article.


The rise and fall of the University of Miami's Sugar Daddy.


I'll be back tomorrow with some recruiting news. The UMass Media Day photo album will have to wait to my next stop. I can't upload the images from here.


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Anonymous said...

Alex Miller coaching now at New Hampshire...