Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday--August 18, 2011

Video and a picture gallery from UMass' Media day.


Matty V looks at the changes in defense. In the article he says Mississippi transfer Ryan Campbell is no longer with the team.

There's a rumor that Virginia Tech's Jerome Lewis is interested in transferring to UMass.


Jeff Thomas says Hernandez will run the rock.


The Berkshire Eagle says there are plenty of changes this year in UMass football.


WWLP22 relates Coach Morris says UMass football hopes to return to the valley.


I attended the Media Day and hope to have some notes and an image gallery up in a day or so.



Anonymous said...

Campbell is not with the team? What happened there they need him.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the coaches are watching. The qb race isn't close at all, pagel is clearly a better player. Hill is in slow motion, slow in everything he does. He will be a sitting duck for opposing teams this year. Suprised he's creeped back in the mix.

Anonymous said...

seeing as the practices are mostly closed you clearly are basing your views off of the spring game(when Hill was returning from two broken feet) or the scrimmage after media day in which neither quarterback played that much better

Anonymous said...

I actually heard complete opposite it's not much of a QB contest at all, they said Hill is taking all the snaps with the starters. I also heard his feet work look real good especially after being injured in the offseason,(which was the coaches worry) and definitely didn't hear anything about anything slow he did. In fact my source was telling me that his release is far from slow, and actually one of the quickest he's ever seen. Wouldn't be surprised if he went after Coen's record now with the chance to be a 4 year starter. -UMASS Alum 90'

Anonymous said...

I completely disagree. Hill was a lot more accurate than Pagel and a lot more calm in the pocket. Pagel looks like a deer in headlights.

Anonymous said...

from up on the sunny side up on the Top Roww

Well just a few weeks to go and we will have an idea of where we stand. It would be surprising if The Cross is really comparable to some of the better teams in the CAA and certainly is not the kind of team we will be playing after this year.

Just the same it will be game #1 in 2011 and nothing would make us happier than to go out with a big year going on to D1.

The bunch of us have heard from a variety of "sources" on how we look and do not look.

For those that do not like the views from the Top Roww maybe you should stop reading now cuz opinions are going to be offered.

From what we hear the top group of OL and the big 2 TE's make for a great run game being highly likely. Music to our ears.

Add in a really good to maybe great mix of RB's and it seems like the rock will be pounded a lot this year. Ah yes the sound of a good run game is almost like listening to Coldplay.

At the same time it seems our group of receivers are doing pretty well but that our new QB's are not always getting the ball where we need it to be. Not really surprising since whoever will be QB will need to develop a relationship with our receivers and that takes time and they have not had that much time yet to develop this relationship.

That brings us back to the Cross game. We should have a good day and be able to run the ball a lot of the time and with a passion. (start the music now cuz here we go) Not going to talk about what the Cross may have or not have but when looking at how many very experienced OL and TE's we have w/ a great group of RB's it just seems logical to run the ball, run the ball some more and then run the ball even more. If it gets close then our suggestion is to run until we get tired of handing the ball off.

If a team wants to load the box - let them - and unless they have some really good corners then we should spread them out some and be able to pass a few.

Thx to those willing to give some idea where they come from accompanying their posts. Really makes it a lot more enjoyable to see who is in for the short or long term.

We will talk defense next time and then some about last years sore spot Specials later on.

For now our prediction against the Cross


HC 16

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that this guy as no clue about football. And that is my opinion. Thank You.