Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday--August 11, 2011

A new version of the 2011 UMass football roster is up.

Monday's "Blue Shirt" winners were RB Alan Williams, WR Jesse Julmiste, and DB Antoine Tharpe (second award for Tharpe).

Video recap from Coach Morris and interview with the players here.


Matty V. has three stories on training camp:

He looks at position battles at WR mentioning Tom Gilson. Marken Michel, Elgin Long and Jarius Bentley. He also looks at RB's behind Jonathan Hernandez and mentions Alan Williams, Jamar Smith (good name) and Pitt transfer Chris Burns.

Matty has a story that features Gilson's journey from walk-on to possible starter.

Since Cary Correia has move from point guard to DB, Matty looks at where the rest of the basketball team would play.


The BC blog "BC Interruption" has Part II of their series on UMass' upgrade: "Can UMass Recruit?".

Yes Boston College, we can.


Chris Koepplin gets a mention in this story about the Pats training camp.


A number of links concerning Victor Cruz:

Cruz (as well as a number of other WR's) are on Eli's mind.

The Wall Street Journal says the Giants need Cruz as a slot receiver.

Steve Smith (good name), signed with the Eagles, so that opens another place for Cruz.


Brandon London is featured in this story from The


The CAA Blogger has a story on Maine QB Warren Smith (good name).



Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww

FYI - will keep making comments/posts about the team and our hopes that we will be as successful as we hope to be.

If "you" want to comment - go for it. As mentioned earlier - pissy one-liners are not worth much to the conversations.

When mentioning where I was coming from it was done with the intention of giving a heads up on where I am coming from. That is all nothing more nothing less.

Way, way past my playing days but I (and those up w/ me in the Top Roww) enjoy going to the games and with that we talk about how we are doing. You will not see posts from me/ us about other teams. We go to support our team and just hope the other team/ players have a bad day when they play us. You will also rarely see I/we call out any of our players in a bad way. The team wins or loses as a team. We will post about the good things players have done though.

IMHO - Living in New England has led to a lot of "fans" to think that winning "The Championship" is a god given right. Wish it was but that is not so. College sports are different in that players will come and go due to a variety of reasons - the biggest one being they can only play for 4 yrs.

Anyways - really glad to hear that Tom Gilson is going to be in the mix at WR. Hard not to cheer for players who have really had to work to get on the field. Up high we will certainly miss Scott Duggan from last years team. When he transferred from Southern CT he became a special teams guy who did a nice job. Then became a backup LB and then a FB. We always liked the way he played and hope he is doing well.

Reminds us a few seasons back when J Hernandez was -we think- a recruited walkon and was a scout player his first year and then played only on Kickoffs as a freshman. When UMass went out Southern ILL in the playoffs it seemed he might be getting some carries due to others becoming injured. Look where he is now. Congrats to him and we hope he has a great year. J Chivers a C/G as a SR. who played after getting knocked around for a while. Stories like these are good ones and would offer that these very hard fought lessons will help these players for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Can UMass recruit?? Asks the beagle blogger...Well, for 63 scholarships, we gave you one hell of a game in 2006 my friend. Some more depth, we probably would have won. We have the advantage of playing in Gillete Stadium now...what local potential division 1 kid in Massacusetts or New England would not want to play a bunch of games at Gillete? UMass will take away a bunch of recruits from BC and UConn and 'Cuse. I sincerly hope we kick BC's ass this year to knock their arrogant fans off their pedastals. Had we had another 23 scholarships in 2006, bieng of 1-aa talent or 1-a talent, BC would have been toast. A division 1 kid is a division 1 kid. People don't seem to get that.

RDM said...

I just love that BC Interruption is running that series of posts about UMass. I am very surprised that they are.