Monday, August 15, 2011

Big Blog Bulletin!

Hi Everyone;

Mrs Blog and I are leaving Thursday to visit relatives in Oregon. From there, we're moving on to Hawaii. The trip will last three weeks +.

I will miss the Holy Cross game. However, UMass has an early off week this year, so that helps.

As usual, I'll try to keep the blog going if I have Wi-Fi access. Some days, including this Thursday, the blog will not be updated. Also the time difference in Hawaii is five hours, so blog updates will probably  happen in the afternoon Eastern time.

I'll probably add some images and links from the trip, but I'll try not to go off topic too much.

Remember the running joke one season on Cheers when Cliff Claven went to Florida and then drove everybody nuts talking about his trip?

Sam (to Carla, Norm and Coach): "Nobody say anything to Cliff or he'll start talking about his Florida trip again."

Cliff enters from the bathroom and turns to leave.

Cliff: "Bye'

Sam: "Later'

Cliff  (stops in his tracks): "Well, it's not really later in Florida Sammy. It's a popular misconception. It's Eastern Standard Daylight Time down there too. Speaking of time, boy it really stops still when you're in the Everglades. They've got huge gators, you know gators are, what we who are familiar with Florida call alligators. Yeah, they got huge gators and giant crocs. You all know what a croc is?"

Sam, Carla, Norm: "Oh yeah!")

"Well, the first morning there was crystalline as I was stepping onto the hydrofoil. The captain, Bill Bob Dupries, I think his name was, asked me not to bring the beach umbrella, well, cause it got caught in the prop on the way out..."

(Opening theme song starts)

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Ouch! Rough day for vladimir.