Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday---March 21, 2011

UMass football recruit Randall Jette does pretty good at basketball too.


Montana, like UMass, will be starting a new QB this spring.


The CAA football blog is back with a roundup of football news from around  the league.


College Football study hall.


They got the guy who killed UNH football player Todd Walker.


Joe said...

Where is the fool that keeps saying there will be abig announcement this week? Not only do they post anonymously, they have no validity.

Is it possible we are waiting for another team in the Northeast region to move to the MAC too? Buffalo is already in, but they are still 5 hours away at a minimum.

Anonymous said...

Yea I thought the same thing, it was like once a week the blogger would post Big Announcement this week, then weeks go by and by the same thing. Maybe, it's just because were all anxious to know what direction UMASS Football will be going. Also, got to say i'm not shocked by Montana going to Montana, ND was never going to play him. Can't wait for the Spring Game, hopefully we know before then.

UMass74 said...

The holdup may not be UMass' fault. There are lots of Dominoes in play right now.

Villanova is not going to announce until April.

Lots of rumors going around:

I've heard Temple wants to bolt the MAC and go to the CUSA.

I've heard the MAC wants UMASS and Temple or no deal.

I've heard CUSA might be interested in Temple and UMass as a package, but not either/or.

Or could be just lagging paperwork...