Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday -- March 14, 2011

Will UMass make its announcement this week about moving to the FBS level? Stay tuned.


March football reading: Death to the BCS.


Both CBS Sports and have schedules of college Pro Days. UMass does not appear on either.


Will the NFL lockout help college football this year?

BTW, Neilsen research lists Boston as the #7 media market in the nation. If UMass does end up playing some games in Gillette, it would certainly imply UMass football could be an attractive addition if future BCS league realighments happen.



Anonymous said...

We have really good young players coming back on defense this year, throw in the transfers i believe we will be solid at every position. Problem is we still dont have a DC. Watch my word its gonna come back and bite us in those close games.

Anonymous said...

why are we waiting for a dc? teams are in spring mode now all across the country, no good coach is leaving now. We will get a D3 coach from ahmerst college or williams mark my words. Morris dropped the ball.

Anonymous said...

Already got DC. Rumored to be former Fordham and CCSU DC and current LB coach at Central Connecticut State University. Rumor is he already is on campus. Frank Forcucci.

Anonymous said...

Since nobody has been announced yet, I'm guessing it will end up being Tirrell as DC and just finding another LB coach. Spring practice is starting in a couple of week, would be nice to have a DC by then.

Anonymous said...

An underclassman declaring for the draft would have to be crazy.

Anonymous said...

a dc was hired weeks ago. you were just not privvy to the information. have faith that the coaches know what they are doing, even though they don't have "your" approval first.

Anonymous said...

Can we please get some pics from the spring practice sessions!

UMass74 said...

The last couple of years practice has been closed.

Unless UMass does a photo session, we will not see any photos until the Spring Game.