Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday -- March 30, 2011

The UMass football team will be sponsoring a bone marrow registration drive today. Matty V adds some thoughts about the drive. If there are any campus readers of the blog and want to support UMass football and be a hero to boot, taking part would be a good thing. More info about the drive here.


Alyssa Creamer of MassLive delves into the CAA's scheduling influence on a potential Minutemen move to FBS.


A story from UMaine's Pro-Day.


CCSU, one of UMass' 2011 OOC opponents is gearing up to try for their third straight NEC title.

Former Rhode Island HC Tim Stowers is OC/Offensive Line coach for the Blue Devils.

In addition, Football scoop has this""Central Connecticut State: We hear that Liberty HS (VA) head coach Tommy Buzzo and former Northeastern head coach Rocky Hager have interviewed for the defensive coordinator job."


TSN's Craig Haley talks about the significance of home games in FCS football.



Anonymous said...

I hope Hager gets the job. easy win for umass if he does.

Anonymous said...

Whatb does this mean? How couild this happen? Does she know what she's talking about?

"Additionally, Meyer said last week that because the bylaws state “particular care, discussion and consideration shall be given to any action that would negatively impact the interests of all student-athletes,” if UMass were to try to leave right before the upcoming season, the conference would not approve the date if it meant UMass football players were likely to miss a season of play or not participate in a full football schedule."

Rob said...

I think that is a provision to keep a school from changing its schedule when it decides to leave once a conference schedule is set.

Suppose UMass makes the announcement to go FBS next week. That provision would most likely require UMass to play the set CAA schedule for this year. I believe there is typically a two year transition from FCS to FBS so this would not hurt UMass in anyway.