Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thursday---March 3, 2011

There are multiple articles like this one referencing a Sports Network story that Villanova will accept a Big East bid.The original article from the Sports Network seems less definitive.

Craig Haley looks at the CAA for 2011. Is it just my imagination, or do the CAA North teams get a lot fewer words than the South teams in that article?



The MAC releases its combined 2011 football schedule.

Central Michigan continues to lobby for an additional team to be added to the league because the odd number of MAC teams create scheduling difficulties.

One MAC schedule I'd like to point out is Buffalo's. The Bulls have exactly the type of schedule that would be great for UMass.

Besides its MAC schedule, Buffalo plays two Big East teams. UConn at home and Pittsburgh on the road. They also have a money game with Tennessee.

You can't tell me that a UMass schedule with two Big East teams along with Temple and Buffalo would not be a more interesting slate than the Minutemen's current opponents. I'd love to be making plans to visit Heinz Stadium and Neyland Stadium.

Several comments in the Blog have been disparaging of Buffalo. It is true that we dominated them back in Whipple era. However, UMass' overall record against the Bulls is only 5-4 . Things have changed since 1998.

Check out Buffalo's 2011 recruiting list. They recruited twice as many starred players as did UMass.

Take Buffalo's 31-0 win over Rhode Island and note that we lost to the same team.

For college football fans, a UMass-Buffalo game would have a lot more football talent on display than during our current schedule.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I would love to see this Buffalo recruit play.

I addition, from what I'm hearing, UMass' access to Gillette Stadium could be parlayed into an even better schedule.

Playing in MAC would be a good deal for UMass and UMass football fans.

Plus, as I keep saying, we could WIN in the MAC, which would give UMass future options...


Anonymous said...

Temple plays in philly, heinz field is in pittsburgh. Still I see your point.

UMass74 said...

Right, but this year Buffalo is playing at Pitt OOC.

Brooks Rownd said...

Nope, don't want to be the next Buffalo or UConn. Nope, Kent State and Directional Michigan do not excite as opponents. Nope, not interested in chasing the almighty dollar. Nope, don't aspire to play some 7-5 CUSA team in the Poo-Lawn Weedeater Bowel. Nope, not interested in football moving off-campus. If we wanna play a game in Boston, I hope it will be at Harvard.

Anonymous said...

Playing Buffalo would be wonderful, but every year would not be so terrific.

Anonymous said...

Not fair in the least bit to the students to move games 100 miles away from campus. That will get old fast and nobody will show up.

Anonymous said...

I could see playing at Gillette for a year as a build-out was made to McGuirk (or a new facility altogether); otherwise, the commute is too long. Playing in the MAC would not be exciting. But the revenue stream would be higher and this could be used to support other sports. As it stands now, with three CAA teams in the north for the forseeable future, the cost of travel would be nearly as much if the University were to take the plunge. But I agree with B.R.: the games wouldn't be televised with the occasional exception of the Thursday evening game and traveling to the midwest isn't going to inspire people to shell out hundreds for a game against Eastern Michigan. If you can't go to the prom, don't stay in the parking lot just to get drunk.

UMass74 said...

Well, the point of my essay was "If you can't be with the one you love, then love the one you're with."

I realize I will never convince "the-glass-is-half-empty" crowd.

Harvard dropped us from their schedule more than two decades ago, so Brooks is unlikely to get his wish.

BTW, I actually went to the last Harvard game in 1988. Inside the stadium the UMass Marching Band passed the Harvard Band.

The UMMB doffed their hats and yelled "Good Morning Harvard!"

The Harvard band replied "Eat shit, UMass!"

Anonymous said...

I'm an alum from New Jersey. I'm not going to McGuirk, Michigan or Northwest New York to watch a MAC game unless a conference championship is on the line late in the season. I will go to McGuirk or Gillette and will travel to De., Phila. and even Richmond to see us play a competitive CAA game on any given weekend. I'll also travel 20miles to watch us play Fordham, 35 miles to watch us play Stony Brook and might even attend a game in Kingston, R.I., on my way to the Cape.
The MAC may have very competitive programs but Umass has no tradition with the MAC and everyone knows a MAC hookup is a temporary stopover on the way to the Big East. There just is no lustre to a home or away game with any MAC team, not even Buffalo or Temple even if it were played in Yankee Stadium. That's a heck of a penalty for us fans to pay just to get a game with another true D1 team and perpetuste the hope the Big East will come calling.
I would rather join the NEC and get Harvard back on the schedule so we can pummel them until they eat shit. (See comment by Umass74.)

Anonymous said...

Any word on hiring a dc? Are we saving the budget or are we interviewing guys?

Anonymous said...

Right, brooks. Being the next UCon would be horrible. I would hate for UMass to be playing in that poo-lawn weedeater bowel game they were in this past season. Just terrible.

MinuteFan said...

I'm not a "glass is half empty" guy, but the thought of the MAC is not thrilling to me either. If the options are the MAC or drop football, then that is different, and maybe those are the choices at this point. Who knows.

But I ask myself what would make me happier at the end of a football season. A 1-AA style national championship, a MAC title (which to me is no more impressive than a CAA title), or what some view as the ultimate best-case scenario: we make a big-time bowl like UConn, get a big payday as we get stomped by a team like Oklahoma.

As a businessman, I guess the money is good. As a sports fan and UMass supporter, I like competing at the level where we actually belong and can win the whole thing now and then. Even the most optimistic among us can't possibly believe we will ever win an FBS championship or have a rockin' 50,000 seat stadium filled to the brim in Amherst.

If this is a move for survival, OK. But if you told me we could stay in CAA and keep status quo, I like that idea better.

Anonymous said...

Uconn would have been better off in the poo lawn bowl. The school lost 2 mil by going to a bcs game. They ate almost all the tickets they were awarded. I would not aspire to be the next uconn.

Anonymous said...

First of all, every time someone says what about the students must not attend games. The students tail gate outside outside then either leave after the first quarter or never even enter the game! The student fans were nonexistent and I don't see that changing. All the "old rivalry" people that will only go see us play UNH Delaware or Richmond, wake up! this league is just as expensive as the MAC plus we won't get close to as much money from the CAA compared to the MAC. So we can enjoy playing those team for another 5 or 8 years then get cut totally like hofstra and northeastern. Also there is no way UMASS will ever make the jump from the CAA to the Big East, but with strong MAC years their is a possibility. Times are changing so get ready.

Anonymous said...

No Ivy will ever play us so long as we have a competitive program. Harvard hasn't played us in decades, and out of the 20 or so times they did play us, only once did they ever agree to come to Amherst. Screw Harvard, they couldn't be more irrelevant.

Penn State is coming to Temple this year. Notre Dame is coming to Temple after that. Army will show up there. UConn will show up there. Sounds like opponents we would care about.

38,000 people showed up to a crappy bowl last season to see a MAC team play a Sun Belt team. 13,000 showed up at the FCS Championship Game. I don't understand why it's so hard to sell the FCS playoffs, but that's the reality we live in.

Anonymous said...

Times are changing. To the ones that are clinging to the "traditional" rivalries in the CAA - the northern division will soon be a shell of what you describe. Rhody moving out, Nova moving's time for UMass to move on and evolve as well. New rivalries with Temple, Buffalo, and UConn will be just fine for most fans.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see all sports move to the MAC. Those teams are much more attractive to me than the A10 teams. Can't get excited for Fordham, Duquesne, La Salle, Richmond, Charlotte, St. Bonaventure, St. Joe's. Give me schools of similar size and makeup.