Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday--March 15, 2010

Today is the Ides of March, and Matty Vautour looks at the state of UMass athletics. He has some discussion of UMass football and includes this quote from AD John McCutcheon about a possible move to FBS:

"There are several dominoes that have to fall. Some of them have and some of them are lined up. But we still have several issues that need to be addressed and hurdles to clear for this to happen," he said. "I think there's some excitement about that and I think there's some frustration out there that we can't announce something quicker than we've been able to. It's a process. There are things in that process that are out of our control. It's been an issue that's been talked about here for years and years. To be this close to that possibility has to be creating some excitement."


TSN's Craig Haley looks at "Overcoming the Small School label" for FCS NFL draft players.


A School with one of my favorite sports nicknames---The Stetson Hatters, are starting up football and joining the Pioneer League.



Anonymous said...

If they name Frank Forcucci the d coordinator then morris should just fax in his resignation and avoid the 2-9 season next year they will have. The people here who didn't like coach dudz will be begging for him back if this is true. This tells me the mac is out as well. Nothing like recycling coaches off Northeastern's staff.

Anonymous said...

Tirrell should get the job over forcucci. That's an awful hire if the prior blogger is right.

UMass74 said...

Uh, Coach Forucci was a member of Whipple's staff here at UMass from 1999-2003. He coached DL and LB's.

He was DC at Fordham, where his defense led the Patriot League and was also DC at Northeastern.

Coach Forucci is a fine coach in the Blog's opinion and would seem to a good fit here at UMass.

Anonymous said...

If forcucci is so great why did two years ago take a job working for rocky hager at northeastern. Totally opposed to him. We need to do better than a position coach from central ct state. Nation wide search is needed.

Anonymous said...

Give tirell the job! He will do just fine. Then hire an lb coach and we are fine.

Anonymous said...

whomever Umass chooses for DC- I hope we can put more pressure on opposing QB's in 2011

Anonymous said...

Tirrell does not have the experience. He doesn't know anything about the secondary. Look at what happened with special teams last year? Give forcucci a chance. That defense is loadied with talent, all those young kids are one year older and more experienced.

Anonymous said...

You want great DC, bring back Jimmy Reid. He is as solid as they get.

Anonymous said...

Why did Forcucci go from DC @ Fordham to LB coach at CCSU? You sure Forcucci wouldn't be coming to coach the LBs and Tirrell becomes the DC?