Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday --- March 23, 2011

UPDATE: UMass will hold its Pro Day Friday March 25th. Anyone going to attend and give us some insights?


Christen Gill a 6-2, 200 pd QB/DB from Bridgeport, Ct signed with Western Carolina Monday. He apparently had been on UMass' radar, but did not receive an offer.


Michelle Brooks-Thompson, the wife of former UMass OL David Thompson will sing the national anthem at Fenway Park.

David Thompson was a four year letter winner for the Minutemen (2003-06). He was All-A10 in 2006 and was a member of UMass' 2006 National Championship game team.

According to the article, he now teaches and coaches at Amherst Regional.

Good luck, Michelle!

UMass is looking for students to participate in NESN's reality show "Schooled".

Anyone from the Valley remember WWLP's "As schools match wits"?


Soon students will have no fundamental human rights left!

Tuffs' President Lawrence Bacow has banned the school's naked fun run. Drunk, naked students are causing "carnage".


TopUMassFan said...

Frank, Isn't there a moratorium on teams switching Divisions until August? Could UMass announce now of a move even if they wanted to?

I remember "As Schools Match Wits" ("Butler's Holiday" was the theme) and had host Phil Shepardson as an instructor at Westfield State. Good show, good guy!

Anonymous said...

Umass isn't going anywhere. We just hired a lb coach from central conn st to run the defense. We are not going to the mac its over.

Anonymous said...

As Schools Match Wits is still alive and well on local pbs channel. It's now sponsored by and produced at Westfield State University. "Bugler's Holiday" is still the theme.

UMass74 said...

Every day I've been getting a rant about the DC. I let this one go, but no riffing on the comment,just because I OK'd this one.

Let's move on.

Matt said...

Is Pro Day open to anyone who wants to go?

Anonymous said...

There is no moratorium on announcing intentions to move to FBS in the future. Texas State has already done so in recent months.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the boys attending Pro Day on Friday.

TopUMassFan said...

Thanks Frank, I thought that might be the reason no announcement had been made. Thanks for clarifying that for me. MAC or CAA, I'll be on-board for UMass football every year and hope everyone else is as well!

Anonymous said...

I want to see us go after an fcs championship the next two seasons and beat unh every step of the way. I feel like we have the pieces in place.

Anonymous said...

I've heard Michelle Brooks-Thompson sing the National Anthem a few times now, she always does a great job. I'm sure she'll be great as normal at Fenway.

Anonymous said...

If we decide to move to FBS we will not be eligible for FCS series playoffs. We are no longer a FCS team and are in the nether nether land of being a transi-
tional FBS team. We can now have 88? scholarships instead of 65? scholarships. David Thompson was one of all time favorite lineman. He was nasty and took no prisoners.

Anonymous said...

Were not an fbs team