Friday, March 04, 2011

Recruiting 2012--Michael Walsh image reports UMass is recruiting Michael Walsh, a 6-2 195 pd QB from Swampscott, MA.

Walsh's ESPN page here.

YouTube highlight video here.

Threw for 2,300 yards 21 TD's. Also rushed for 755 yards and 14 TD's.

Walsh is drawing interest from UNH, UMaine, Harvard and Dartmouth.


Anonymous said...

how many qbs do we need ?

Anonymous said...

Frank don't leave town the week of March 14th. We need you to cover all the stories about UMASS and the big move. Also, big donors are being asked to step up next week. Good luck to UMASS football.

TopUMassFan said...

Move up or stay put? Both have appealing aspects but only one way is the right way for UMass. I offer five reasons why moving up is the way to go.

MONEY: As sad as it may be, money is what makes the wheels go round. A move up offers a chance for more money coming to the program. Without an increase in revenue, you may as well sign the death certificate now. The program will be cut if things remain status quo.

STUDENTS ATTENDING GAMES: They don't attend home games now when we play URINE, StoneyBrook or Towson but they might come out to see new and better competition. Try football fans come now and will come to see the MAC, CUSA or Big East teams. A move up won't mean free fans but offers a chance for more fans.

RIVALRIES: Our rivals used to be VT, BU, CT. Where are they now? Delaware was never our rival until they joined the Yankee Conference and now they are one of our best. The CAA North is on life support, at best, and will (in my opinion) be gone in ten years or less. We could still schedule select CAA teams (ME, NH, DE) as an occasional OOC game. New rivalries can and will be formed with a new conference alliance.

STADIUM IMPROVEMENTS: Improvements have been extremely slow in coming up till the past few years. With a move up, there will be a demand for huge improvements in the immediate future. Those improvements can only come from money the FBS, not the CAA, can offer.

PLAYING TOP OPPONENTS: Do true football fans want to see us beat the URI's ( which we couldn't do this year) of college football or compete against better competition? Sure, Toledo or Eastern Michigan don't sound like Nebraska or USC but a move up gives us more opportunities to schedule teams like those. To stay put gives us one "money" game a year.

Don't be afraid of change, UMass fans, embrace the opportunities that change offers. Stay put and be prepared for UMass football becoming a distant memory in the near future.

TopUMassFan said...

Sorry for the context mistakes in my earlier post. spell check on my Droid thinks it knows what I want to say better than I do.

URINE should have been URI (no disrespect intended).

Try football fans and free fans should have been True football fans and less fans.

sorry for the mistakes, Frank.

Anonymous said...

A very good post TopUMassFan! You covered it all very well.