Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday before Towson--Sept 29th, 2010

UMass game notes for Towson: html here and pdf here.

Towson game notes for UMass: html here.

From the Towson game notes"Dating back to 2005, the Tigers have won nine of their last ten home games under the lights ... Their only defeat during that stretch was a 27-3 loss to Joe Flacco and Delaware on September 22, 2007."

Towson is appointing a new Athletic Director today.


The Dunkle Sports Index has the Minutemen as #5.

Sagarin/USA Today has UMass as #84 in the nation.

In Sagarin's conference rankings, the CAA continues to be ranked ahead of FBS/I-A conferences MAC and Sunbelt. UMass is ranked fourth in the CAA.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ has UMass' stats page here. The Minutemen lead the CAA in passing offense, total offense and punt returns. Nationally, UMass ranks in the Top-20 FCS stats in rushing offense, total offense, passing offense, punt returns and sacks allowed.

Bad stats: UMass is last in the CAA in net punting. In national rankings we are in the bottom reaches of the Division in net punting, sacks and TFL.


Current Oregon HC and former UNH OC Chip Kelly has signed a six year contract extension worth $20.5 million.


The Richmond Spiders like their new stadium.

However, Richmond will continue to be the only CAA school with no band.



Anonymous said...

Hey don't we have a player that has drawn a ton of comparisons to Flacco, HMMMMMMM! All future signs are pointing to the promise land. The Magic Genie predicts UMASS 21-17 win, and that the future of UMASS Football is looking very bright.

Anonymous said...

the slip up for umass would have been last week. Im not worried about Towson I think we destroy them.

Anonymous said...

Posting from up in the Top Roww Sec 16 after a too long stay as a juror. Thankfully do not have to do that again for quite a while.

If we had a trap game on our schedule last week was it. Towson has had some tough times and surely expected to do better against Columbia. Still it is a night game for them and they do play pretty well at home.

Real simple gameplan for us. RUN THE BALL and after we throw a few times (but not too many we do well when we keep it simple) then RUN THE BALL SOME MORE. After another short pass or two then WE RUN THE BALL SOME MORE. Going this route the results of this game should be just fine.

Said it before the season started that the key to our season was 1. RUN THE BALL behind a very good OL and TE group w/ an assortment of very good RB's and 2. have our QB play conservatively. So far on offense this has worked very well and w/ a little more polish and conservatism - THEN RUN THE BALL SOME MORE ! ! ! ! !

Before the season up in the Top Roww we said our LB's are our best group of players on the team and this is still true. Our DB's as a group have done a nice job as well. The area that we can continue to improve on would be w/ our DL's. At times this group plays very, very well but is not yet consistent enough. Considering that next week they are off -and rumor is the big DT Thompson may be getting some rep's- this has the makings of a game when our DL's can really get going.

Last area we need to improve on is in special teams. We need better punting and to be consistent overall in this part of the game.

For this week after a long bus ride we still win and should do so convincingly.

UMass 38 Towson 13.

Really looking forward to seeing the team back at home against Richmond. Not looking past this next game but this should be a great game.