Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday before Towson--Sept 30th, 2010

Ron Chimelis reports that senior UMass center John Ihne will miss the Towson game. Senior DT Bob McLaughlin is expected to be available after not playing against Stony Brook.


Bob George of and a former member of the UMMB pays tribute to George N. Parks.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- has a story on Victor Cruz. the former UMass star may be the third receiver this Sunday when the Giants host the Bears.


The Sports Network reports the WAC is targeting Montana and four others to fill two open slots in the league for the 2012-13 school year. If the Grizzlies jump, it will be a big loss for FCS football. Montana is one of the top five teams in the FCS/I-AA Division in attendance and fan interest.


The 3-0 James Madison Dukes host the 4-0 Delaware Blue Hens this Saturday.



Joe said...

Just a simple question, but what is the blog's true feelings of UMass moving up to 1-A? Opposed or for? And reasons why if opposed please.

I myself would love to see UMass eventually make the jump. He may not be profitable immediately, but it would attract more interest from a fan point of view, in recruiting, and facilities. Also, it's not like the program is making any money now, operating in the negative year in and year out.

Would love to hear what other's think too. Thanks

Anonymous said...

From up in the Top Roww sec 16 to Joe. Good question.

When thinking of this idea our group has a couple of points of view.

We think if we were to run into a situation like UConn did where a few generous Alum's were able to donate some really large dollars and this was directed towards the football program then moving to another D1 league could work out.

This aspect of our neighbors to the south's program development and overall improvement when compared to when they were just another team we played each year cannot be overlooked or diminished.

Should this not happen then I do not think we should bankroll the program at the expense of any other programs. The team overall does very well. The idea of playing 1 bigger program each year and now going to Gillete to play UNH seems like a very good fit for this team and for the programs ongoing development.

Some realities always need to be considered and appreciated. If you follow UMass it is easily understand that in just our state alone their are many other colleges and universities that people go to and support. THEN throw in that we have the luxury of having not just one but really 4 very good and competitive professional teams to also compete with.

Up in the Top Roww we know many BC fans and that is annually a very good team and a lot of the time they have trouble drawing 40,000 playing some of the best teams and programs in the country. Also BC fans do not travel well at all. Massachusetts and a lot of New England fans are fickle - they are quick to jump on the bandwagon when
things are going real well but it sure takes them a while to really support their teams.

Another thing to consider is most of the state lives inside of 495 and views trips of longer than about 45 minutes as "long trips".

All of this does not make it likely that UMass will change leagues anytime soon. The state and most of the population do not support the idea and unless the program was to receive a very large cash donation it just does not seem likely to happen anytime soon. I wish it would but until I hit powerball I won't be able to be that big donor.

At the same time we up in the Top Roww are going through a little withdrawal and are really looking forward to the team playing at home soon.

UMass74 said...

The Blog has always wanted UMass football to play at the highest possible level.

I believe UMass would out-draw BC and UConn if it were to play FBS football. It is manifestly possible to go I-A because UConn just did it.

I also think UMass at the FBS level would be a net economic gain for the State of Massachusetts.

However, we are a state school. UMass would need the support and drive by a far-sighted legislature to make the resources available. The state could issue bonds for a new stadium at no cost to tax-payers. UMass would probably need $10-$15 million in other support for the startup.

An unknown state legislator by the name of Mullins managed to come up with $63 million for a basketball/hockey facility virtually with no publicity or comment.

It does not seem feasible that UMass could come up with the resources on its own.

Right now it appears that the only option is to try to play FCS/I-AA football at the highest possible level.

Maybe someday Massachusetts have a state legislature with concerns other than the Byzantine power struggles that currently soak up its attention or perhaps the Bay State will elect a really visionary governor.