Sunday, September 19, 2010

The day after Michigan--Sept 19th,2010

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UMass writeup here.

Michigan writeup here.

More on the pregame tribute to George Parks.

Matty Vautour says the band played on.

He also said UMass was close.

The Detroit Free Press says UMass was an onside kick away from winning.

The Boston Globe says we nearly brought down the house. says both Denard Robinson and Kyle Havens deserve three game balls.

The Michigan Daily found Ke'Mon Baily's pregame comments no longer comical.

The Detroit Free Press said Michigan's special teams and defense struggled.


UMass had a good turnout at Michigan. I saw most of the UMass Die-Hards. There were even some who looked like students. I don't know if the team could hear us, but we made some noise.


At one point during the game, the Michigan announcer gave the attendance. It was the 217th consecutive game at the Big House with more than 100,000 attending. Then he added: "This is currently the largest group of people watching football anywhere."


UMass out gained Michigan 26-22 in first downs. The Minutemen averaged 4.4 yards/carry and had 439 yards of total offense----- easily UMass' best offensive effort against an FBS/I-A team.


The UMass Blog was at Richmond last year when Kyle Havens had a terrible game against the Spiders. Yesterday, was Kyle's redemption as he went 22-29 222 2TD's. Tell Kyle he was the best FCS/I-A QB in the nation yesterday.


The box score reveals just how tough it is for an FCS team to beat FBS team on the road. Besides the starters, take a look at player participation from UMass and Michigan:

Massachusetts: 2-A. Nelson, 4-T. Esalomi, 20-D. Sheeran, 23-S. Viveiros, 28-J. Griffin,
29-R. Carter, 39-J. Carven, 40-S. Duggan,46-C. Hunte, 49-G. Clemons, 87-R. Blanchflower,
93-B. McLaughlin, 94-C. Violette, 96-B. Levengood.

Michigan: 1G-Anderson, Tony, 2B-Talbott, T., 2J-Vinopal, Ray,
3F-Johnson, Zac,6-Stokes, Je'Ron, 7A-Hawthorne, B.,8A-Robinson, T.,
9A-Avery, Courtney, 10-Gallon, Jeremy,14-Jones, Teric, 17-Jackson, Jeremy,
19-Grady, Kelvin, 21-Hemingway, J.,23-Simmons, Floyd, 25-Demens, Kenny, 30-Rogan,
Doug, 34-Gibbons, B., 42-Fitzgerald, J.,43-Hagerup, Will, 44-Moundros, Mark,
46-Broekhuizen, S., 49-McColgan, John, 52-Leach, Kevin,55-Black, Jibreel,
56-Barnum, Ricky, 57-Mealer, Elliott,59-Gyarmati, Paul, 73-Campbell, W.,
75-Schofield, M., 76-Washington, Q., 77-Lewan, Taylor, 80-Webb,
Martell, 82-Miller, Ricardo,86-Koger, Kevin, 91-Pomarico, Tom, 95-Sagesse,
R., 99-Patterson, Adam.


Michigan is going to hammer Bowling Green.


Best quote by a Michigan Fan. As we were leaving the stadium, a group
of Michigan fans were going the other direction

One said "If this was Ohio State, they'd be torching your car".


Great game by the UMass O-line and the running backs. We flat ran
over a very good Big Ten team.

Despite what you hear from some high-priced TV commentary, it's hard to tell
what a team's game plan was.However, to me, it looked as if UMass was trying to
contain Denard Robinson's running first.

To me, it looked if UMass DB's had to do a lot of one-on-one coverage.
I think that was the reason whyMichigan was able to complete some of those long passes.

Kudos to the UMass defense, who battled all day.


In the scoring poll on the Blog, 507 people voted and only 11 got the point spread right...


At breakfast Anthony Nelson's father was staying at the same motel we were and he noticed
our UMass gearand made it a point to come over and say "Hi".



Anonymous said...

I hope the coaches get some credit for this game. They didn't have the big guns that Michigan had but coach Picucci had that Michigan defense on their heels and guessing the whole game.

Anonymous said...

amazing performance by the offense yesterday. great play calling, qb play, line played awesome, backs, wrs. tough to throw up 37 and lose a game but hey its michigan. you saw the speed difference when michigan's offense took the field thats for sure. that minute before the half was huge, the fumble by griffin really hurt.

Anonymous said...

Too bad UMass didn't have the corners from a few years ago. Robinson and Smalls could have shut down the deep ball. The young guys still look good though.

Anonymous said...

they are a better o line this year then last. no question about it.

Anonymous said...

We have to give defense some credit there as well. They made some big plays. If I saw correctly 5 freshman started on defense. Gives us alot of hope for the future. My hat comes off to both offense and defense. Great job men!!!! Our coaches should be praised!!!!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding effort on all counts. Great coaching, well executed game plan, and disciplined play. Wow. Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

you guys must exist in another world. in the real world
they scored 42 points that is terrible. i bet if you ask any coach on the team they would agree.
it doesn't matter that it was michigan , we lost the game and gave up 42 points. the bright spot was the offense

Anonymous said...

Get a grip man! Everybody knew going in that the DL and CB's were inexperienced and by my count we played without 3 starters! They did a commendable job considering.
Plenty of teams have and will have a problem defending Mr. Robinson & crew so get a life!

Anonymous said...

Very well said!!!! This is a UMASS team where there is no "I" in team. I don't see a offense vs. defense attitude either. I haven't seen that in a very long time...and to tell you the truth, it can take this team very far if they continue to act like that. They remind me of the 1998 team!!!! GO UMASS!!!! thank you to both offense and defense foe a great, exciting game!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they scored 42 points but what a learning experience for the freshman starters. Some playing for only the first or second time at the collegiate level and they never got pushed around, just not enough depth to go 4 qrts. They should handle any team they face from now on. That game showed they have heart and grit. OL was like a fine tuned machine always moving forward OK,maybe they lacked the big plays that UML created but a very promising season for a team with little support prior to the season.