Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday before Stony Brook---Sept 24th, 2010

This page (scroll down) from the Big South Network says we can subscribe to the UMass-Stony
Brook game for a one-time fee of $5.95. Don't blame me if you end up making a $5.95 donation to the Big south, because I'll be in the same boat. Hope it works.

UPDATE: I just signed up via the link above. I received an e-mail saying my credit card had been charged $5.95. So, it appears the worse case scenario is that I'm out a couple bucks. I tried logging in on their "Live feed" and it worked with my Linux/Firefox combo.


WWLP22 says UMass is ready for its road test. say UMass is determined to win on the road.

Matty Vautour says UMass wants to shake the "road" monkey.

Matty's week four football picks.

Ron Chemelis looks at the impact on UMass if Villanova jumps to the Big East.

CSN's Terrance Thomas has his weekly "CAA Today" column here.


I found this image of George over on the UMass Drumline FaceBook page. Not sure who to credit it to.

Three articles from the Amherst Bulletin on George Parks editorial and here and here.


Josh Buchanan has his weekly NFL stock report of FCS players moving up and down. Kyle Havens is moving up.


Andrew Gaddess of The Sports Network has the weekly "In the FCS Huddle" column. He predicts a Stony Brook win over UMass. Read the article and see if you can figure out why?


Over on the MGoBlue blog they are still obsessing about UMass. Read the following post on a UMass running play.

I have a little different take on the play: note the blue line of scrimmage. By the time Jonathan gets to the line of scrimmage, (12:20 game clock image above) Emil Igwenagu, Andrew Kervis and Stephane Milhim have pushed the Michigan defenders three yards back. Jonathan does a quick shake which freezes the Wolverines outside contain and then runs down hill three yards in the crease. Great blocking and heady running leads to a six yard gain. The Minutemen did that all game long as Hernandez averaged 4.4 yards/carry and Griffin had 5.6 yards/carry.


Speaking of Michigan, they play Bowling Green at noon Saturday. The game is on ESPN2. You could watch Michigan, follow with Richmond -Delaware on Comcast Sports New England at 3:30, then catch the UMass game at 6:00 on streaming video. Mrs Blog probably would not be happy with me if I do that.

Bowling Green's HC Dave Clawson coached at Richmond and Villanova before his gig at Bowling Green. Former UMass assistant coaches Sean Spencer and Bill Durkin are on the same staff.

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vetteson said...

"Stony Brook needs to improve its play, however, if it has any chance of fulfilling preseason expectations and gaining the Big South's first automatic playoff bid. This motivation, coupled with home field advantage, may be enough to give Stony Brook its first win in the series.

Prediction: Stony Brook, 28-23"


Well I suppose if Havens gets hurt and both backs refuse to play....