Saturday, September 18, 2010

First, let me praise Michigan

Prior to the game the Michigan announcers told about the death of George Parks and asked for a moment of silence. One hundred ten thousand people went totally quiet and many stood and removed their hats.

The Michigan band played "Fight UMass" in their pregame show.

During halftime the announcers again told about UMass's loss. The Michigan fans gave a great reception to the UMass Band.

After the game, many Michgan fans noticed our UMass gear and every one was quick to say "Great Game by UMass". A good number made it a point to express condolences about George.

Today was great football experience and a good part of that came from Michigan and Michigan fans. The Big House is special and today so were all the Michigan fans.

Thank you! From this UMass fan------ "Go Blue!"


News and views about the game tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

Great game today. Most Michigan fans are upset and some may describe our win as pathetic, but UMass has a really good team and those who know football are not surprised by the game they saw today.

Good to see the turnout from UMass fans travelling to the game. Hope you had a good time in Ann Arbor. I will keep my eye on UMass for the rest of the year. Good luck in the rest of your season.

Anonymous said...

FYI, it's a Big Ten tradition (started by Purdue's band) to play the other team's fight song during pregame as a salute to the opponent. The MMB certainly played it with added meaning, but they would have played "Fight UMass" even had Dr. Parks not passed away.