Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday before Stony Brook----Sept 23rd, 2010

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I have a Picasa web album from the Michigan game here. Michigan has dire warnings about what you can take into their stadium. "Small cameras" only are allowed. I ended up taking my SLR with a short 18-200mm (28-320 effective focal length) lens. We were up in the the nose bleed seats (row 87), so my longer zoom would have been much better for photography. It turns out the ticket taker never even glanced at my camera. FWIW, check out the album.


Matty Vautour has a story on the maturation of Kyle Havens.

It turns out I was looking at some of Kyle's stats last night. Blogger does not do columns, so the following may be a little difficult to read.

Passing average/game/2010

2. Kyle Havens......... UMAS SR 3 games 91 -62 1 INT 68.1% 738 yards 5 TD's 246.0/yards/game

Passing average/game/2009

3. Kyle Havens..........UMAS JR 10 146-264 15 INT 55.3% 1908 9 TD's 190.8/yards/game

Pass Efficiency 2010

6. Kyle Havens 152.2

Pass Efficiency 2009

11.(last in CAA) 115.9


Remember UNH lost to Rhode Island last week? There was one eye-popping UNH stat in CAA's website

Sacks against:

9. Rhode Island........ 3 games 7 sacks 48 loss
10.New Hampshire....... 3 14 sacks 96 (14 sacks in three games !?)


Matty also has an injury report from the Michigan game. UMass starting center John Ihne has a shoulder injury and will miss the Stony Brook game. Quinton Sales is the likely starter.


The Sports Network's Craig Haley has a preview of some of this week's FCS games as well as general news about the Division. He also has a link to a .pdf projected 2010 playoff bracket. UMass is in it.


The Boston Herald says UMass was in the running for former Boston College DB Isaac Johnson, but he chose Cincinnati.


The CAA website has an article on six CAA teams ranked in the Top 10.


The MGoBlog breaks down every Michigan defensive play against UMass. Now that's dedicated blogging!

The Maize & Brew Blog breaks down Michigan's offense against UMass.



Col Hogan said...

On the NCAA playoff pairings posted by Haley, it's too bad he did apparently in a dark room. He has W&M seeded, yet we beat them. He has Montana with a first round bye and at home, despite a 1 - 2 start. This is why pre-season ratings are so bad because people are not willing to admit they might have made a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Great pic from the game ! Thank you for posting for those of us who could not attend !

UMass74 said...

If you look at the two images I took of the UMass fans, notice that many of them have their cameras up taking a picture.

What that was about is UMass had just gone up 3-0. All the spouses were telling their men "Quick, get a picture of the score board with us leading!".

Turns out, the scoreboard had a lot more good things to say about the Minutemen later on in the game :)