Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday before Stony Brook

I like this AP image from the link below. It's emblematic on how UMass' offense was a couple steps ahead of the Wolverines defense all day.

The UMass-Michigan game made the Wall Street Journal. The Journal says FCS teams aren't gaining ground on FBS, except for the CAA....

UMass beat writer Matty Vautour has three stars from the Michigan game.

He updates he weekly "Path to the Playoffs" column.

Ron Chimelis say UMass removed all doubt about its ability., in a story that barely mentions UMass, talks about how badly Michigan played. UMass may have had something to do with it. says Michigan has a long way to go.

The Maize & Brew Blog asks "Hung over or exposed".

The close win over FCS UMass cost Michigan one spot on the polls.


The Wolverine Blog does a classy post on UMass' loss of George Parks.

The UMass Daily Collegian has an article on Dr. Parks and some news about the band.


UMass stays at #3 in Keepers College Football ratings.

He has UMass by 30.13 over Stony Brook.

Another computer ratings site has UMass at #4, down one because of the loss to the Wolverines.

BTW, the Sea Wolves lost to Brown in double overtime.


Former UMass great Steve Baylark has been signed to the roster of the Sacramento Mountain Lions. Special thanks to a blog reader for alerting me about this.


The Manchester Leader covers New Hampshire's loss to URI, who had a twelve game losing streak going.


The CAA Blogger has updates on all Saturday's games.


One of the commenters mentioned the excellent coaching by UMass staff for the Michigan game.

The UMass Blog concurs. It looks to me as if Coach Morris, Coach Picucci, Coach Dudzinski and all the rest of the staff gamed just about every ounce of advantage out of what UMass had to offer. Take a bow coaches!

Note that the Michigan coach made a point of going to the UMass locker room and praising Coach Morris and the team.


vetteson said...

I recall all the Morris-bashing that was all over this blog in August. He's a very intelligent coach. Had an excellent game plan. In the end it was Michigan's speed that dominated the game. Any report on injuries?

Mike Fitzpatrick said...

Dear UMass Fans,

First, my condolences to each and everyone of you in regards to the loss of Mr. Parks last week enroute to the Michigan game. The Umass Band was exceptional in their performance on Saturday. Well done!

In regards to your football team, let me also say WELL DONE! I and every Michigan fan I know were very impressed by the Minuteman performance. You have a very well coached and talented team. You should be very proud of those young men and the coaching staff. I wish you the best in the CAA race this fall.

I was also very impressed with each UMass fan I had the good fortune to speak with. You have a first class football team, marching band, and fan base.

Fight On UMass!


Mike Fitzpatrick
The Michigan Man Podcast

Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww Sec 16 who was way up in Row 91 sec 7 in the Big House

Well where to start. we started getting some heat from Michigan fans in Philadelpia waiting for the connecting flight. Seems some of these folks think you win games in the waiting areas of airports. We let them know that we would do just fine and maybe they should think about how they will do in stead. Sort of caught them off guard. When arriving in Detroit ran into ex-UMass hockey player Wellman who was there to get a connecting flight. He looked good. Nonetheless the ribbing continued from the UM fans. The first was a bunch in the concourse at the Detroit airport who sort of chuckled and let loose w/ a few " Look a real UMass fan - Hope you do not get crushed too bad on Sat" to which a reply was given " We will be fine and it is going to be a good game". Did some shopping near Ann Arbor in Dundee at one of our favorite outdoor stores - Cabela's- since we got in before we could check into the hotel. Sure enough got some more good natured ribing but this was from Ohio folks who wanted us to take UM down some to soften them up some. Again just shared that we would fine and it was going to be a good game. The folks at the hotel were very courteous and all of those we met before the game were very nice as well. Seeing 110,000+ people all going to the game was something as well.

Up in the Top Roww we really enjoy games at McGuirk and are rally looking forward to the UNH game at Gillete but this whole thing thing was just huge, gigantic, massive. Pick your words that you like but a game there is like very few elsewhere. We got brought in by bus to the pregame. For us this was a lot more than we ever expected. We thought this might be like what is done at a home game and instead it was inside of a large golf clubhouse used by UM next to their golf course and about 1 block from the stadium. Food and drinks were every nice and all of the other niceties that were set up went a long way as well.

The only thing that brought this whole experience all down to earth real quick was finding out that Mr Parks had passed away. He was such a huge part of the UMass band and will be sorely missed.


Anonymous said...

To see something like 50,000 tailgaters in just our area out having a good time was something. To see something like 5-8000 taligating on a golf course all being set up between the fair ways was something as well. At UM home games are a real event. At the same time it all felt a little like what it is like to be the diver in the aquarium who feeds the sharks. You know - it is supposed ot be safe and all but what if .?.?.?.?.? I mean more than a few folks had heard that UMass had about 3,000 in attendance so some real simple math showed we were pretty well outnumbered. About 1 hr before gametime we walked the 1 block or so to the stadium. For everything we got or heard about their stadium policy's we only got our tix scanned and we were in. No one ever really looked us over which was a surprise. W/ about 45 minutes to go before the game the stadium was maybe 1/4 full. Slowly over these next 45 minutes another 75,000+ found their seats w/o any problems. Makes me wonder why our games seem so disorganized when folks come in sometimes.

When pregame ended all near us were just so impressed w/ the Michigan treatment of Mr. Parks passing and how everyone treated this. To hear the pas announcer ask for a moment of silence and the only thing I heard was someone sneeze on the other side of the field was really, really something. The UM band is really outstanding and only served to show that our band is really outstanding as well. Not that I didn't think they were special before but seeing them side by side w/ another big band was something special indeed.

As for the game - We played very well. Seemed like everyone coaches,staff, players were playing their hearts out. When it was the middle of the 3rd qtr and it looked like Michigan might pull away in my area we started to hear some of their fans starting to talk more. Nonetheless the fans stayed w/ the team and the team continued to put out a great effort. W/ 2 minutes to go and us down by only 5 and about to kick an onside kick I heard a few Michigan fans muttering "this is App State all over again". Unfortunately the kick wasn't able to be fielded.

Not ever been a fan of moral victories but this was a great game to be a part of. After the game many, many fans said things like - You have a really good team - - - you'd win 4-5 games in the Big 10 each yr & Oh Geez we are going to have a rough time this yr and of course "What is Ohio State going to do to us?" All of their fans said we played much better than UConn did and were surprised to see us play like we did.

It was great to come out w/ our heads held high after this game. The return trip was fun since now regular sports fans were commenting on my shirt or hat and how we did at the game.

Great, great experience.

Now onto Stony Brook. Need to keep in mind what happened to UNH after playing Pitt and then losing to Rhody somewhat surprisingly.

Anonymous said...

I think it is rediculous that UMass is still ranked behind william and mary after beating them.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where I might be able to get a dvd copy of the the umass vs mich game ?

Anonymous said...

Im telling you from a former player perspective, Picucci does the gameplan for the offense. Morris might oversee it but its Picucci's call all the way. Hes looked alot better calling plays in year 2 no question about that.