Saturday, September 18, 2010

Game Day Michigan

More tributes to George Parks continue to pour in. The Boston Globe says George Parks transformed, brought fame to UMass Marching Band.

The Boston Herald said George was beloved.


UMass beat writer says UMass football enters the Big House.

The Detroit Free Press has things to watch for in the UMass-Michigan game.

The Free Press says Michigan does not want UMass to turn into Appalachian State.

The Boston Herald says UMass faces a big obstacle. says parity in college football is increasing.

Ke'Mon Bailey apparently wants to hype some interest in the game. It certainly generated some ink for UMass football and the Michigan administration is probably happy that it will inspire Wolverine fans to stay motivated and show up for a FCS game.


Apparently Bailey's quote worked. I just Goggled "FCS Football" and guess which game topped the results...

My WiFi connection here at the motel is really struggling, so I'll close for now.

BTW we're seeing quite a few people wearing Maroon & White in the plane and in the motel.


Go UMass!


Anonymous said...

EXCITING GAME. UMASS way to show Michigan to NEVER take a small school lightly. You guys really rocked the house. So proud of you all! Final score Umass 37 Michigan 42!

Anonymous said...

Awe inspiring game , our boys truly,played their hearts out , congrats to everyone on the team ! Great effort !

Anonymous said...

I was very impressed by the performance of the football team against Michigan. The team stepped up and played like they belong in Division IA. A memorable and exciting game! Likewise, the UMMB gave a stellar performance in the face of great adversity. They did George Parks proud. Go UMass!