Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday before Michigan --Sept 16th, 2010

Photographer unknown.

Woah! The UMass Marching Band will play at Michigan!


The Detroit Free Press says the Wolverines are not overlooking UMass. says it's a different world out there. They also say Michigan is taking the game seriously.

WWLP22 says the football field at Michigan is still the same size as in FCS.

The UMass Daily Collegian says UMass is looking for an upset. They also say UMass has a major task in containing Robinson. Another Collegian columnist says the UMass Football team is already winning. says the Minutemen want to follow the same path as James Madison.

The Detroit News states UMass is excited not awed.

UMass fullback Scott Duggan has been a lifelong Michigan fan.


The CAA weekly press release with all the league news here. The league site also notes the CAA has seven teams ranked in the top sixteen in FCS.


Craig Haley has the latest news from the FCS division in his "In the FCS Huddle column".


Josh Buchanan looks at the results of the 2010 FCS NFL Draft.


Here's one I have'nt seen before. The Dunkle Sports Index, which bills itself as "The most accurate sports index since 1929" has UMass as the #6 ranked team in FCS. And six CAA teams in the top 10...

They also have Michigan at #30, which is not going to make Wolverine fans happy.

Wow! Things have really been jumping here at UMass Football Blog Central!

Actually that's the defensive systems station on CVN 72, but the UMass football Blog's setup is almost as good :)

Blog traffic has doubled in the last week. I'm getting pro and anti Michigan e-mail. The trip to the Big House has certainly created a buzz about UMass football that I've never seen before.

Let's keep it up. Go UMass!


Anonymous said...

from the Top Row in Sec 16 soon to be up in Row 90 at the Big House.

The way the team has progressed this year has been wonderful and all signs point to a good - if not great season.

Going our to play at Michigan seems like a wonderful opportunity for the both the program and the school. As long as we can come out healthy and our play is respectable then up in the Top Row we would be very happy.

Seems pretty obvious what needs to be done to win this game. Play better than we have on offense this yr and keep turnovers to either zero or a minimum. On defense it is pretty obvious what needs to be done is keep their QB in check. After 2 games he has been a huge part of their offensive production. Can they play well if he doesn't have another big day is a good question.
ST's have to play well - certainly have to play better than the 2nd half of the Cross game.

Really looking forward to this whole game and we are looking for a much talked about upset of the maize n blue. We are going w/ UMass 27 Michigan 26. Call us crazy maybe but if we are going to go to the game then we are going to look for the win.

This team has something about them that is good to watch and support and as long as we do not have injuries then winning on Sat is sure possible.

Run the Ball until they can stop us then run some more ! ! !

Anonymous said...

You really think that UMASS D can hold Michigan to less points than UCONN or ND?

Anonymous said...

Go get 'em Minutemen , we're behind you all the way !

Anonymous said...

That's an outdated picture of the Big House... it now has luxury boxes eastern and western sides

Random Babbler said...

Frank, George Parks, UMass Minuteman Marching Band Director, passed away suddenly yesterday of a heart attack in Ohio en route to Michigan. The entire marching band community is devastated and it will no doubt affect how the marching band will perform on Saturday. It happened in front of the band and a high school audience. The UMass band students are in shock and disbelief. George's incredibly charismatic motivational personality will be missed by all. Very, very sad.