Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday before Stony Brook--Sept 22nd, 2010

UMass has its game notes for Stony Brook up. Html here and pdf here.

It appears that live streaming video will be available through the Big South Network. If I'm reading the FAQ right, you have to sign up for a month of Big South membership at a cost of $6.66. Then you would have to cancel membership after the game as they automatically renew your subscription.

Stony Brook's game notes for UMass here and pdf here.


WSHM has its weekly video "UMass Football Weekly". It recaps Michigan and previews Stony

Matty Vautour says this is a big, big game for Stony Brook. It is for UMass too, as the Minutemen have not won an away game since 2008...


UMass has a memorial page up for UMass Band Director George N. Parks.

There is also a Facebook memorial wall.


UMass WR Anthony Nelson will be playing against five former teammates when he plays at Stony Brook this Saturday.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- looks at Michigan's running game defense. Key quote from the article:"If UMass had come in and run some funky Air Force-style wing formation where the ball is hard to follow, (Greg) Robinson would get a lot more blame. But that didn’t happen. The Minutemen essentially said, 'We’re going to try to run the ball down your throats and see what happens.' And what happened was really, really scary."


Delaware's Pat Devlin will play at Richmond Saturday despite having a fractured left (non-throwing hand) wrist.



vetteson said...

Rankings not important, at least the published ones. They're guesses at best. UMass came through the first three games well and that's all that matters. Regarding the remaining schedule, if UMass plays as well as they did against Michigan, they should be in great shape come post-season time. A note on the Michigan game, coach Morris did a splendid job with Havens. With one exception the kid played within himself and din't force anything.

Anonymous said...

Umass is ripe for a let down this week. on the road against a hungry team that wants this game more than any other one on the schedule. To me Michigan is not a moral victory its a loss and I pray the staff is not reading the press clippings off last week's performance. It was great but now the real season begins again.

Anonymous said...

Frank , Im trying to sign up for the Big South Network , but the only subscription rate I see is for 44.95 am I reading this correct or am I missing soemthing ?

Anonymous said...

stonybrook is treating this game like its the super bowl. They are trying to make a splash for the program and need a signature win. this isnt a bad team by any means

UMass74 said...

Scroll down in the following link and it says UMass-SBU for one time payment of $5.95.

click here

That's what I'm going to do. I make no guarantee on what will happen. I've never signed up with the Big South either!

Anonymous said...

Thank you , I signed up for it , I hope it works !