Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wrecked in Richmond--10/25/09

First let me say how well the defense played. They held the Spiders to 13 first downs and 236 total yards. Richmond scored 10 points on long drives and one of those was in the fourth quarter when the defense had to be getting tired

The offense however, was a train wreck. Six interceptions and one of those for a touchdown. We also muffed a punt. The offense gave up the ball on the UMass 20, 27, 17, 28 and on and on. Tony Nelson DNP and Jonathan Hernandez DNP in the second half. The Spiders are good, but not that good. Their sportsmanship could use some work also.


UMass write-up here.

Richmond writeup here.

Boston Globe says we threw away the game.

The Richmond Times says Richmond romped.

The Springfield Republican said UMass fell hard.


All this week's FCS scores here.

Kansas State beat Colorado 20-6 to run their record to 5-3. They remain at the top of the Big 12 North standings. Two more wins should put the Wildcats in a bowl game.

Albany won its sixth consecutive game.

Stony Brook moved to 3-0 in the Big South.


Mrs Blog and I are driving back to New Hampshire today. It was a good trip abet with a wet, disappointing end.

Again congrats to the UMass defense in an effort that you would not see from the stats unless you were there.

Go UMass!


Anonymous said...

the most athletic quaterback on the field is octavious hawkins there is no doubt in my mind that he could do a better job than havens. look at the interception to touchdowns for havens, it is poor at best. mooriss needs to put the best we have on the field and forget about being second guessed

Anonymous said...

i think the defense didi so well because coach D finally started changing up the defense. saw a lot of nickel defense being called among coach morris should take the cue. havens is 3 and 3 with a terrible td to intercetion ratio he is not getting the job done.give hawkins a shot. he is the most athletic qb we have. we need the athleticism to make plays

Anonymous said...

Listening on the radio it seemed the defense showed up. Coach Morris has been clear that his expectation is for the team to compete for a national championship. That being said I believe he has to open back up the QB competition and give each of them a half next game. For whatever reason Havens is just not developing and is forcing way to many throws. The critical errors have killed us in two games and if it werent for the run game UNH would be a loss. In general I am pleased with the coaching trtansition but if were going to have any chance at making the playoffs and not being one and done the QB play has to at least be avearge.

hampfan said...

time to give woodward a chance. havens performance was pitiful. the defence plays there hearts out and havens gives it away. no more excuses!

Anonymous said...

I've been saying it since Spring Game 2008

Anonymous said...

Woodward is just as athletic as Hawkins.

And despite what you think, the D isn't suddenly changing. It's the same D being played the entire year. Stop acting like you know football because you play madden.

Anonymous said...

Athleticism has nothing to do with it. Havens gets rattled too easily. He is unable to stay in the pocket with defenders around. Instead he has happy feet and constantly runs away and makes bad throws. Woodward showed a lot more poise coming in as he hung in there and took a couple of big hits, something Havens is afraid to do.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is waiting to see Hawkins. Ya! he might not be the pro style QB, that you see in Havens, but allot of people think Hawkins playing style is something you need on this offense right now. Because Havens is not getting it done, in the playoffs especially.

Anonymous said...

The offense we run is not going to beat anyone at Richmond's talent level. we are the most predictable team in the CAA. Horne and Cruz need to be apart of the offense. have to find a way to get your best players the ball.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr blog.Trainwrecks call for new engineers.


MinuteFan said...

The Havens experiment was worth trying, but it should be over for now. Obviously, Morris had some reservations about Woodward or he would not have recruited Havens. Havens had 3 cupcake home games (Albany, RI and Stony Brook) to work out his problems so he would be ready to beat a good team. He has shown he is not ready for that challenge.
Is Woodward ready? Who knows, but he deserves a chance. He has 4 winnable games ahead of him. Not as easy as Havens had earlier, but UMass will be favored in all of them. If we do win them all, we MAY get a playoff berth and then get to play a good team somewhere on the road. We know they won't win that type of game with Havens at this point. So we have no choice but to make the change if we think this team is playoff caliber.

Anonymous said...

never played madden in my life
woodward is not as athletic as hawkins
and i would bet you a beer that if you picked up a phone and asked the coach he would tell you that that the defenses he called in this game were different from what hes been calling. i dont have to ask i know for sure. if you dont believe me ask him your self

Anonymous said...

Morris says it everytime he speaks we want to compete for natl title. the bar is alreay high because of past success. this offense cant win and havens isnt the answer. I am very impressed with the Defense, they really have played over and beyond this entire season. Might be time for Morris to start the play calling again.

Anonymous said...

i believe that the play calling has been excellent. the problem has not been the offensive coordinator.the offense is not executing.kyle havens is not some point in time
you have to realize that qb is responsible for his offense. he is the one that gets the interviews when the team does well. he should also accept the responsibility when the team does poorly. it is time for the coach to pull the plug on havens it is not to late to find the right qb to hopefully take us into the playoffs

Anonymous said...

is anybody close enough to the players on the team to say how their attitude is holding up. after losing to teams that we had a honest chance at winning, moral good start going down hill

Anonymous said...

I personally thought Havens played bad against UNH, they should have picked a few balls in that game. alot of forced passes. he needs to be pulled and I hope Morris is recruiting 2 qbs this year.