Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday before the UNH Game--10/15/09

UMass reinstates the Foolish Four. Springfield Republican article here. Matty Vautour has more here.

Returning are Mike Mele, Bob McLaughlin, James Carven and starting Free Safety Shane Viveiros .


UMass has its game notes for the UNH game here (html) and here (pdf)

New Hampshire has its game notes here (html) and here (pdf)

Note that the game will be available on CSNE


The Daily Collegian says UMass hopes to make it four straight at home.

Roger Brown of the New Hampshire Football report says UNH QB R.J. Tolman is hurting. Tolman's Wilcat bio here.


At least four cities have submitted bids for the FCS National Championship game in 2010. In the running are Fresno, TX, Missoula Montana, Spokane, WA and Little Rock, AK. Dallas News story about Fresno, TX bid here.

Chattanogna, TN is bidding to retain the game as well.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the young men are back. Hopefully the lesson will serve all well. Are they going to play Saturday? That was a very quick reversal of fortune.

Zach said...

I believe it is Frisco, Texas. Not Fresno