Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Web Album for the the UMass-Richmond game

Brandon London greets old friends.

I have an abbreviated Picassa Web Album from the UMass-Richmond game posted here.

From about the middle of the second quarter, it rained on and off for remainder of the game. Some of the rain was really heavy, so coverage of the game is pretty spotty. The low light caused a lot of blur and I had to discard most of the action shots.

I didn't even get a end-of-the-game scoreboard shot. Back in 2007 after the hurricane during the UMass-Rhode Island game, I got back to my truck and water was running out of my point-and-shoot camera. It eventually recovered but I wasn't willing to take the chance with my Canon DSLR.


Anonymous said...

Well, its apparent that we do not play well on natural grass.... i.e. Delaware & Richmond.

The rest of the games are all on fieldturf...Lets go out and hopefully we don't play on grass the first playoff game.

Anonymous said...

thats it let blame it on the grass
why didn't the rest of us think of that

hampfan said...

ok...ok lets relax and get back to buisness. we can win out regardless what kind of surface we play on. we have the talent, lets use it. go umass!!

hampfan said...

maybe havens is not the answer, but which ever direction this team goes, remember it is still our team and they need our support know matter what. i will be behind them till the last whistle blows.