Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday before the UNH Game--10/19/09

It is snowing briskly here in Jaffrey, NH.


From the UMass Website:

"The new video scoreboard will not be installed at McGuirk Stadium in time for this Saturday's football game as originally planned. The production has been delayed. Look for it to be installed in the coming weeks. The athletic department apologizes it will not be ready for Homecoming."
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    Ron Chimelis ruminates on the return of the Foolish Four.

    The Boston Herald says UMass hopes to be in Cruz control.

    Matty Vautour says it's a must win game.

    Matty also says the starting UMass MLB Kurt Filler is gone for the season with a torn ACL suffered during the game with Stony Brook.

    Four articles from the New Hampshire perspective here and here and here and here.

    Roger Brown of the New Hampshire Football Report picks the UMass-UNH game.


    The Sports Network's Brett Kahn previews this week's Top-25 games.

    The revised Payton Watch and Buchanan Award watch list have been posted.


    Josh Buchanan has a mid-season FCS awards story with two UMass players on the first team.


    CSN's Terrance Thomas has his week "CAA Today" column entitled "Road Warriors".



    massfan said...

    it has always bothered me that we use our regular starters on kick off and kick return. filler was hurt playing special teams and especialy this year with our lack of depth we cannot afford such a loss. there must be other players with the talent to fill these spots.

    Anonymous said...

    with the lack of depth this year why the hell are we using starters on kick off and kick return? we can hardly afford to lose the likes of filler or miles, etc. this has always bothered me, surely we have plenty of atheletes who can step in and contribute.

    Anonymous said...

    This is one of the more interesting aspects of the Patriots. The risk reward ratio tells coaches to put their better athletes on special teams and occasionally we lose one.

    Who is going to fill his spot at LB and who is going to fill his spot on Special Teams?

    Anonymous said...

    The kicoffs only go to the 15 yard line with no hang time!! This is a problem.

    Anonymous said...

    obviously we dont have enough players that the coach has enough faith in to give a chance.Morris
    being a new head coach doesn't want to be second guessed.specialty
    teams are to important.even when the original staters dont get the done he wont replace them because he doesnt want to admit that maybe he made the wrong choice to begin with

    Anonymous said...

    you have no idea what your talking about. Don Brown and Mark Whipple put the best players on special teams. I agree 100% with Morris you put the best guys out there. its college football not soccer, people get hurt. thats high school football where they put the scrubs in on special teams.

    Anonymous said...

    The Patriots have a 53 man game day roster from which they must put together a 11 man special teams. From our roster, when the walk-on players are added to the scholarship players, we have considerably more players to choose from yet we will still need to put some of our best starting players on the field to match the better players that are placed on the field by the opposition. I don't think it matters weather we have a brand new coach or a coach with 20 years experience, some starters will always be members of the special teams.

    Anonymous said...

    EVERYBODY puts the best guys on special teams. When you travel on the road you have a 53 man roster, they dont bring the whole team. only travel 50. Special teams is difficult its not high school where the coach tells you run straight. they cant have a walk on play special teams at home then when he is not on the travel roster just fill his spot.