Saturday, October 10, 2009

Delaware Daze

The superlative UMass Marching Band made the trip and dazzled the home Hen crowd with a solo routine and with a combined set with the Delaware Band. That turned out to be the highlight of the evening for UMass fans.

As for the game, UMass sure didn't look like the squad that went toe-to-toe with Kansas State for sixty minutes.

Maybe the problems of the Foolish Four had its effect after all. It did, in some part, because RFr. safety Darren Thellen started and got picked on by Devlin most of the first half. I don't know if the UMass radio feed mentioned if something was wrong with Kumar Davis. Maybe he had the flu or was nicked up? Jeromy Miles came up limping after one kickoff, and if he had not been able to continue, UMass would have been flat out of Safeties. Not having Shane Viveiros certainly hurt.

The UMass offense was out of sync all game. Mysteriously, we tried running right most of the game instead of left over our All-American tackle Vladimir Ducasse. That did not work very well---we had 15 yards rushing in the first half.

Hopefully, UMass will get its mojo back for the New Hampshire game. Whatever was missing for the Minutemen made this a tough loss to watch.

Then again, win or lose-----Go UMass!


Anonymous said...

It's demoralizing to any team to lose several players to suspensions. What do their actions say about the meaning of a team?

Anonymous said...

Were any of those three starters or contributors? If not, then the effect should have been null!

Anonymous said...

i dont believe that losing these players demoralized the other players. we simply got out played and out coached. don't go looking for excuses. we got beat in every facet of the game. their recievers
ran past our corners like they were standing still. i hope there is more speed on our team than what we showed on sat