Saturday, October 31, 2009

Game Day Maine--10/31/09

Today's game against Maine will be the first game of the season I will not be watching in person.

Feels kinda strange not to be getting ready for the game. Hopefully, the UMass defense will continue the intensity they showed against Richmond. The Minutemen held the Spiders to 2 of 14 third downs , 1 of 5 fourth downs and a total of 236 yards---surely good enough to win most games. And remember that was against the the #1 team in the nation.

The offense needs to get its mistakes under control. Just throw it to the guys in white shirts. Taking the sack or throwing it out of bounds is a lesser evil than turning the ball over. Run Nelson and Hernandez behind our very good OL. Let's beat the Black Bears and keep this season going.

Go UMass!


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Creeping Fascism Alert: It's going to be illegal in Boulder, CO this Halloween to run naked with a Jack-0-Lantern on your head.



Anonymous said...

DB's love Havens- he only looks at his 1st option,staring,staring until he throws.No wonder he has more int's than TD's. He must break this habit or he will be a backup.

Anonymous said...

its a good thing you didnt go to this game. havens is not the answer
woodward is not the answer.the playoffs are gone. a good part of it is coach moriss' lack of judgement. it is time to start playing for next year. give the kids who willplay next year game experience. this does not mean we should concede the last three games
but it is time to make some changes
at a number of positions

Anonymous said...

Well,it's now official!! Time to find a new QB. I had my doubts about Havens,had no doubt about Woodward,so now who else is able to pass to our team-not the opposition. Either that or get recruiting NOW for next year!!

Anonymous said...

Recruiting - how can Maine even be considered by a HS football player when offered by UMass. They shouldn't be able to walk on the field with us without knowing in advance they are going to lose.
How they can recruit better players than we recruit.

Perhaps someone can explain that to me. They came into our house last year and beat us and again beat us this year in Maine.

Something is wrong. One thing is hiring a coach with no experience. How much money did we save? There were certainly better coaches who have worked for the same salary. How many games have we lost this year because of coaching?

The 2'nd is recruiting and it is the coach who is in charge of recruiting. Wasn't one reason (excuse) used for hiring this coach was we didn't want to lose this great QB from California? What a sad state of affairs.

Are you as frustrated as I am? Someone Please post that things aren't as bad as they seem to me.

hampfan said...

this was just embarrising. the offense was a joke, we better do some serrious recruiting if we want to compete at the nathinal level. sorry about the spelling.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Morris should not have let Scott Wallace walk? He seemed to be doing well but his reps were limited since he was not on scholly. No dough so off he went to Cal U of PA (D2) on a full scholly. Cal U will play for the PSAC championship next weekend. He would have had this year plus two more years to play at Umass.