Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday before the UNH Game--10/14/09

The Springfield Repbulican says the loss to Delaware cost the Minutemen six spots in the latest polls.

David Coulson in his "Around FCS" column called it an upset weekend.


The CAA has its weekly press release up with stats, notes and and other league news.


Keepers College Football rankings has UMass at #12.


Combined record of UMass' remaining opponents in 2009: 18-15
  • 5-0 UNH
  • 5-0 @Richmond
  • 3-3 @Maine
  • 0-6 Northeastern
  • 2-3 JMU
  • 3-3 @Hofstra
To make the playoffs, UMass will need to go 5-1 against these teams, which means beating at least one undefeated squad...


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Anonymous said...

Our team is going to have a long, long week of practice. Winning cures a lot of mistakes that are made on game day, but when you lose, it magnifies them by 500%.
When I played, if we won, coaches were a bit more relaxed during practice week, but man, when we lost, the coaches were like drill sargents with a hair across their *****. Tough weeks of practice when you lost...that alone will make you win sometimes...

As big and bad as UNH looks coming in, it is a great opportunity for redemption for our guys.