Saturday, October 24, 2009

Game Day Richmond--10/24/09

Images from yesterday's beach walk.

A Coast Guard boat plays sheep dog to the 40,000 ton USS Boxer

A gift from the Sea.

Dolphins swam 50 yards out.

Plovers get to play in the surf every day.

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The Boston Herald says Richmond is UMass' #1 priority.

The Springfield Republican says UMass will have to be error free against Richmond.

The Boston Globe says Vladimir Ducasse is headed to the NFL.

The Richmond Times says the Spiders seek a quick start against UMass.

Matty Vautour says UMass is still looking for its first road win.


David Coulson of the Sports Network says the playoff field looks crowded this year.


CSN's Terrance Thomas looks at the CAA at mid-season.


Chuck Burton looks at FCS's "Shoe-ins" for the playoffs.



Anonymous said...

Now I get it. It's the North CAA teams' lack of speed vs the South CAA teams'. Why didn't somebody say that earlier? Might have saved us from having to beat JMU, Richmond, W&M, Villanova and Deleware in the past. See today's article in Richmond Times Dispatch.

Anonymous said...

Those aren't plovers, they are Sanderlings.