Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday before the UNH game--10/12/09

UMass has added WBIX 1060 AM to the Minutemen radio network. WBIX website here.


More from the Delaware side on the Hens win over UMass.

Matty Vautour picks three players who had good performances against Delaware: Victor Cruz, Tyler Holmes, and Emil Igwenagu.

He also looks at the road to the playoffs after the Delaware defeat.


Starting a new week, Matty says that UNH will be a stiff challenge for the Minutemen.

UNH player Terrence Klein says that the Wildcats big win over Villanova won't matter if they lose to UMass

More on UNH's win here .


All of Saturday's FCS scores here .


One positive from the Delaware game was that the UMass defense played well in spurts. We had two take-aways in the first half, but the offense did not convert on either of them.

Then in the fourth quarter, UMass had three on-side kicks (the first almost worked, the other two were not close) giving the Hens excellent field position. The UMass defense only gave up two field goals.

From the UMass game notes:

"Armando Cuko kicked a career-long 51-yard field goal near the end of the first quarter. It was tied for third-longest in UMass history with Chris Koepplin (2007). The record of 52 is held by Denis Gagnon (1971) and Sandro Vitiello (1978). Cuko did attempt a 52-yarder in the second quarter, which came up short. "

It should also be noted that Cuko's kick was not wind aided. The streamers on the goalposts were not moving.


I'll be back, maybe this evening, with a web gallery of images from the Delaware game.



Anonymous said...

we finally came up against a quaterback who knows how to throw a ball and look what happens. our corners were made to look completely inept. if i were a coach
who was going to play mass. i would come right at our corners.
also all season we have yet to call a nickle pkg. in situations that definitely called for it.
what gives?

Anonymous said...

why don't you ask coach dudzinski yourself? you seem to know what packages they call and when to call them.

Anonymous said...

also, i don't know if you saw the game first hand as i did. but delaware executed their game plan to perfection. not to mention they have a very talented group of receivers that were elusive after the catch.