Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday before the Maine Game--10/27/09

Matty Vautour reports that Kyle Havens will start against Maine.

Coach Morris' weekly CAA telephone transcript.


The Gridiron Poweer Index has UMass at #14

Keepers College Football ratings has UMass by 13+ over the Black Bears.


David Coulson of The Sports Network looks at last Saturday's games as sees a Weekend of Surprises.


The Altoona Mirror has a story about Black Bear CB Troy Harris.



Anonymous said...

If you listen to the teleconference, Morris did not say Havens will be starting Saturday. He said he knew, but wouldn't say who.

Anonymous said...

What is Coach Morris afraid of? Kyle Havens hasn't shown he can lead this team, just look at his body lanuage on the sideline after he has made a mistake. He comes off the field and disassociates himself from the rest of the team. What kind of leader does this?
Woodward came in and showed he can move the team, no he wasn't perfect but his body lanuage was certianly 100% better than Havens. Leadership is what drives a team. I think it's time for a change.

MinuteFan said...

Read the following quote "Going forward Kyle Havens is our starting quarterback". Here are Haven's numbers in the four tough games on the schedule thus far (KState, Delaware, UNH, Richmond), the kind of games teams with playoff aspirations have to win: 125 Attempts, 60 completions (48%), 667 yards, 3 TDs, 9 INTs. Not good at all, especially for a team with a good O-Line, running backs and wide receivers. There is talent all around, but with no QB, it does no good. I don't think Woodward would make much difference, but at this point, what is the harm in giving it a chance? One more four interception day, and the season is over anyway.

Anonymous said...

Right, but that doesn't mean Havens will be starting. Try actually listening to the interview. Vautour tried his best, but Morris would not say who was starting saturday.

Anonymous said...

Fairweather fans , against Albany and Rhode Island everyone thought Havens was the best thing compared to buttered toast (Liam Coen) , now hes had some bad games and everyone is ready to tar and feather him and run him out on a rail. Liam Had four years to make a contender out of UMASS , Havens has been here 10 months . I say give him another a chance.

Anonymous said...

Does Morris want to put his career on the line for Kyle Havens? no playoffs this year and next and Morris is looking for a new job.

Anonymous said...

liam also had 4 years of eligibility and actually got better when the team was winning. kyle has a year left after this year and he does not seem to get better, even when the team is winning.

he threw 2 terrible int's against unh. and his body language certainly says a lot.

Anonymous said...

What is Morris afraid of??? Right from the beginning Havens' was Morris' guy! There was no open competition and the media hype was all about Havens. Morris said he was going to give Havens a long leash and that is exactly what he is getting.One of the articles even indicated that he was promised the starting position! Yes, Woodward deserves a chance but will he really ever get it?

Anonymous said...

Woodward deserves it more than Havens...No Doubt