Sunday, July 31, 2016

Recruiting 2016--Rod Jones Jr committed to UMass?

CC of San Francisco image
Rod Jones Jr is a 6-2 250 JUCO All-American DL from College of San Francisco, CA.

Special thanks to a blog reader who pointed me to Jones' Twitter page which shows the UMass "Unite the Masses" screen shot.

First team JUCO All-American and CCCAA defensive player-of-the-year.

Strong interest from Alabama. has video.

Had 36 UT 17 AT 53 TT 16.5 SACKS 2 FR. All his stats here.



Anonymous said...

Mike Traini has him listed on the 24/7 2016 commitment list and looking at his twitter tells me he is on or will be on campus . . . Great late get! Tom M

Anonymous said...

It's football season!! Frank is publishing on Sunday's,thank you.

Anonymous said...

Frank-just heard you bought your powerball ticket in Raymond,NH. WOW

UMass74 said...

I bought a Powerball ticket yesterday too. It was still in my wallet, so I went upstairs to get it. It wasn't me.

If it was, then the Minutemen would have had their new stadium.

I keep telling God I'd prove to Him what a great guy I'd be, but so far He hasn't listened :)