Monday, August 01, 2016

August 1st, 2016

The UMass Twitter feed says the new UMass Athletics website is active, but I'm not getting connection...


Michael Trani reports on the one day recruiting camp held at UMass on June 12th.


Jette #41/ image
Randall Jette intercepts a pass at the Packers camp.


Tajae Sharpe continues to impress at the Titans training camp.

The Music City Miracles says Sharpe shines on Day #2 of the Titans camp.


Victor Cruz goes full bore in the Giants first practice.


The Lowell Sun has a feature on UMass defensive line coach Matt Dawson.


BC and Temple announce a future series.

BC Interruption explains why that's a good thing. Northeast teams should be playing each other. And BC, with its struggles in the ACC, does not need a sure loss in its OOC schedule.


The Herald Dispatch says Marshall is not a good fit for the AAC.

The Orlando Sentinel has five questions about the AAC as their Media Days open.



Anonymous said...

Frank your site remains the best!! UMass site looks like it was put together on someone's bathroom floor. No more Minuteman logo,no links to store, or much else. Yet all department staff is congratulating each other,with family members even congratulating also. One staffer goes to a golf tourney in New Jersey looking for UMass fans, and all he finds is BC fans,smfh,spend time in Massachusetts interacting with people,try Mansfield or Northampton, for starters.

UMass74 said...

The site still needs some work. Scroll down to the end of the football roster for instance.

They didn't do a press guide last year. I'm still using my 2014 copy...

Anonymous said...

New site-awful...reading bios of football players,and it describes swimmers performances...smfh...amateur hour...bring back Jason Yellen.