Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday--July 29th, 2016

Dan Malone looks at the Minutemen's running backs for 2016.

UMass went into Spring ball with only two scholarship RB's. With the UMass website still under construction I can't link to any of the bios.

Sekai Lindsey broke his ankle in the game against Toledo. When he was hurt he had totaled 34-113 1 TD.  We'll have to see how much he's recovered. Lindsay didn't exactly set the world on fire during his first six games. He is, however, the Minutemen's only RB over 200 pounds (5-8 215)Marquis Young showed he could play and he dominated in UMass' win over buffalo.

I would be willing to bet at least one of the incoming FR running backs won't redshirt. Maybe both.

Bilal Ally is three-star recruit and is 5-10 185. Ally's senior highlights.

Paytton Pickett (5-10 183) is a two-star recruit. Pickett's senior highlights. BTW, Pickett wore #5 in high school.

Given UMass's killer schedule in 2017 (three SEC teams, BYU, BC and Louisiana Tech) 3.5 yards and cloud of rubber pellets would be a most excellent game plan for about half of the 2016 season.


The kickoff time for the UMass-Mississippi State game at Gillette has been announced.


Introducing Don Brown, AKA "Dr Blitz".


The Big 12 is likely to pick its expansion candidates before the start of the 2016 season.

The Star-Telegram has six essential elements to the Big 12 expansion.


RotoWorld says Tajae Sharpe has already established himself as "one of the better route runners out there:.


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